Singapore, Singapore

Come take a trip to the majestically Singapore, Singapore

Lets Eat!

Shock you’re taste buds with a mouth full of Singapore’s wonderful food.

Singapore eats a lot of wheat and rice based foods.

Singapore always eats vegetables and meats pretty much every night.

Singapore happens to dine out often, so that means they have a good verity of restaurants.

They are known for eating a lot of bland food like: rice, dumplings, meats, and vegetables.

So let you’re taste buds have the time of there life

Cool stuff to know about Singapore’s traditional things.

If you’re into traditional things then Singapore is the place for you! The French Opera is one of the most traditional plays Singapore has. Here is something really traditional the Malayas and Indians sit on the floor to eat their meals. Singapore has a festival called the Chines festival which Is a time to worship the gods. Want another traditional fact? The Malays and Indians always eat with their fingers. So take a trip to the spectacular Singapore and take a look at all the beautiful sights.

Lets have a blast!

Come join us in some of Singapore’s funniest things to do. If you’re into water activity’s then oh boy Singapore is the place for you! You must go to Singapore’s zoos like the butterfly park zoo, that’s tunes of fun. Singapore’s underwater tour is one of the activity’s you must attend! Merlion park is one of Singapore’s greatest tours! Come join us you are guaranteed to stay in shape.

What does Singapore speak?? read below and you will find out.

Singapore has many languages, test it out and see if you know any of them. They are multilingual they speak more than one language in fact they speak four languages. Malaya, Chinese, Tamila, and English are their official languages. 62% speak Chinese 13% speak Malaya 9% speak English and 16% speak Tamila. English is used on tours and technology in Singapore, so don’t worry you’ll know some of the things they say. If you’re in high school or collage Singapore is the place to take yourself to practice you’re language.

cool sights!!

Pop into Singapore to see some really cool sights! They have a huge array of statues and monuments you must see. Chijmes is one of the most popular places to go it has dinning, entertainment, and shopping. Singapore has a lot of shops so suggest you join us in some shopping fun. City hall was built in 1887 and it still one of the most finest buildings you must see! You’re in for the time of you’re life if you go to Singapore, and check out the cool sights.

Our weather will fit you!

If you are looking for hot summer like weather then come to Singapore. It has a hot humid climate average tempature of 80 degrees. Sea breezing cools the country from miles away. Most Singapore lies by sea level so you could get a good breeze with the hot tempters. The main island is Singapore gets about 95 inches of rain fall per year therefor it is pretty humid. So pack shorts and tee shirts when you take a visit to Singapore.