Weekly News

Things are great in room 308!

Its the most wonderful time of the year

Hi families! We are getting ready to have some of my very favorite times of the school year. Just as you spend some time making some great family holiday memories, we will be doing the same with our school family. Our classroom is decorated for the season (complete with fireplace!), holiday activities are planned, and we concentrate a lot on the love surrounding this time of year. So many fun things will be happening the next two weeks!


As I was checking the attendance report for the past week I did a double take and then a happy dance! We had 100% attendance as a class for the past week! Amazing! There was a bit of sickness working its way through our class but we all must have gotten healthy and rested over Thanksgiving break. I also want to celebrate the fact that you all are amazing at getting your kids to school on time AND not taking them out of school early. I've never had a class in recent memory that has had such great bell to bell attendance. Way to go, families! This is a BIG deal!

Can you believe....

Can you believe we are nearing the halfway point of our school year? As you know, one of the expectations in kindergarten is that your child will be a proficient reader with kindergarten-level text by the end of the school year. The next few weeks I will be doing some one on one reading assessments with your kiddos. These assessments really help me pinpoint several things: reading strategies your child uses (such as really studying the pictures in the books to help them figure out new or tricky words, which is a good thing!), what strategies your child is successful with, and seeing where your child might need a little extra support. You'll start seeing their reading level marked on their next report card. Reading levels are tools, not labels. They simply help the teachers guide instruction that is tailored to your child's needs.

Snack this week

Mon Logan

Tues Aiden

Wed Parker

Thu Molly

Box Tops Contest

Each classroom continues to collect Box Tops here at Sweeny. I'm sure you've seen the little box top label on certain product packaging that you buy at the store. We get to redeem those box tops for cash, which we can use to purchase things for the classroom! Be on the lookout for those little box top labels and send them in with your child to help support our classroom and help us win the PTO box top contest!