Ecological Footprint

Tripp Estep

Ecological Footprint Factors and Stats

An ecological footprint is pretty much the effect you are having on the environment in the form of carbon emissions. Four factors that contribute to your carbon footprint are home energy, driving and flying, food and dieting, and buying and wastes. The US average footprint is 80 tons, and the world average is 17 tons of carbon emission.

My Footprint

My ecological footprint showed in the end that my annual carbon emissions was 57 tons, less than the US average, yet much larger than the worldwide average. My biggest contribution came from my home energy, while the average largest US contribution is driving and flying.

Energy Reducing Techniques

There are many things you can do to decrease your ecological footprint such as recycling, carpooling, using efficient lighting techniques, and conserving hot water usage times. Some of these methods might have higher short term expenses, but in the long run thousands of dollars are to be saved with these simple techniques.