The Outstanding OSU Football Team

By: Joman Goose Hincklebotum

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The 30, the 20, the10, touchdown Buckeyes! The crowd roars as loud as a lion as the referee hands up! "Ezekiel Elliott with the second touchdown of the game'' said the announcers with excitement! Have you ever wondered if college students could play
sports? Well they can! They can play all sorts of sports like basketball, baseball,tennis and even football! If you have been wondering about the NCAA [ National college athletic association ] team Ohio St. then you have came to the right person.
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We are the champions

Have you ever heard of the super bowl? Well if you have, then you have probably have heard of a national championship. If not, then I can tell you what it is. It’s like a super bowl but for college football. It’s for all the division one football teams, but... only 2 teams can make it to the national championship. OSU has won 8 national championships and there are more to come.

Ohio State has a long history of championships. 1942 was the first championship that they won, the team was as happy as the time America won World War 2! They beat Michigan 34-1, with a record of 9-1. Michigan's record was 7 wins 2 loses. At the time their coach was Paul Brown. The star players that ran the team as fast as cheetahs were wingback Les Horvath and quarterback George Lynn.

Their next national championship was in 1954. It was a great win. As great as the time the Beatles came out with their first hit song. OSU played Southern California in the national championship. But I call it the championship of excitement because it is extremely exciting when both team’s hearts are beating away like their life depends on it! OSU’s record was 10-0, that’s what I call champions. Southern Cal’s record was 8-4. The star QB for OSU was Dave Legget. Coach Woody Hayes was OSU’s longest coach. He coached from 1951 to 1978, 27 seasons. Wow! He won 5 championships with Ohio State

Their third national championship was in 1957. To the college students and players it was like winning the super bowl. It was a hard fought championship, Ohio St. won against Oregon! With a record of 9 wins 1 loss OSU ruled the season of 1957! 7-4 was Oregon’s record. With a two-sport All-star baseball Picher and football fullback and linebacker named Galen Cisco no one could stop OSU! OSU football was still being coached by Woody Hayes.

1961 was their forth national championship .They played Michigan and won their last game which made them champions once again. Their record was 8 wins 1 tie, Michigan’s record was 6 wins 3 loses. Matt Snell the running back and linebacker and QB Robert Lisner led the team to greatness! Once again, Woody Hayes was OSU’s rock-solid head coach!

Some people say OSU’s strongest season was 1968, with a win beating Southern California. It was pretty much a blowout season. Because of 10-0 record OSU was the number 1 team of 1968! With QB Rex Kern and RB Jim Otis leading the offense, Woody Hayes was the head coach once again.

1970 was a wonderful season for OSU. It was also Hayes’s 5th and final championship. OSU played the Stanford Indians. Stanford’s record was 9-3. OSU’s record was 9-1.

2002 OSU season was a season of new beginnings. It was Jim Tressle’s second year with OSU football. He was one of OSU’s most loyal coaches. Jim Tressle would always stand up for his players no matter what. That year OSU played Miami in the championship. With a record of 14-0, OSU was undefeated. Miami’s was 12-1.

2014 was OSU’s 8th year of success. They played Oregon in the championship. OSU’s record was 14-1; Oregon’s record was 13-2. With running back Ezekiel Elliott and Quarter back Cordal Jones they were unstoppable! Urban Myer lead them to a win. I’m excited to see what the future holds for the Ohio State Buckeyes!


Have you ever heard of a mascot? A mascot is a person dressed up in the team costume. Brutus is the name of OSU’s mascot. He’s a Buckeye nut.

Today Brutus is dressed in scarlet, grey and black. He has the number 00 on his back. He can be a male or a female student.

In 1964, OSU football was playing all their games without a mascot. I think that is kind of crazy because almost all football teams have a mascot these days. Do you think OSU football should have had a mascot? In 1965, Ray Bourhis and Sally Hubber (OSU Students) decided OSU athletics needed a mascot!

Brutus was first seen at a homecoming game in 1965. The first costume was made out of paper mache. The students would put the shell over their head and it would reach to their torso. After two weeks, the costume was replaced by a 22 pound fiberglass shell. The shell became too heavy, in the 80’s the costume was changed to a smaller head and a jersey. Finally, the buckeye nut was inducted into the mascot hall of fame in 2007.

Brutus has changed a lot over the years. Today, I think Brutus looks much better than he used to look. Although much has changed, his Buckeye spirit will always be the same!

Stadium of sucsess

Now that I have taught you about the OSU football and national championships don’t you wonder where they played their home games? Well… they play in a stadium called the horseshoe. This name refers to the shape of the stadium. The location is 411 Woody Hayes Dr., Columbus Ohio.

The football stadium opened in 1922. It was also home to the Columbus crew from 1996-1998, prior to the opening of the Columbus crew stadium in 1999. The stadium was also the home field for the OSU track and field team. Not only was the stadium know for sports, it was also a concert venue for the bands U2, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, and Metallica were among the many acts that have played there. I call that a win, win, win!

The seating capacity gradually increased. Over the years it reached a total of 91,470 possible spectators in 1991. In 2014, additional seating was added behind the end zone. Now the total seating is 104,944. The OSU football stadium reached an outstanding record of third largest football stadium in the NCAA. The OSU stadium is the perfect atmosphere for a large sporting event or concert. Next time you are in Columbus Ohio ask your parents to take you to the horseshoe to watch an Ohio State Football game. I call the Horseshoe “Paradise city”, it is that awesome.


Ohio State Football has a huge history of great players and coaches. Woody Hayes led OSU through five championships and coached for 27 years. He was OSU's most fatherly coach. He coached from 1951 -1978. Today, there are much different players and coaches like all star running back Ezikiel Elliott. Here is the line up for the 2014-2015 season.


QB: JT Barett, Cordal Jones, Braxton Miller

RB: Ezikiel Elliott

WR: M. Thomas

H-Back: J. Marshall

TE: N. Vanet

LT: T. Decker

LG: B. Price

C: J. Boren

RG: P. Elflein

RT: C. Farris

K: S. Nuernberger

PR/KP: J. Marshall


DT: A. Washington

DT: T. Schutt

DE: J. Bosa

DE: T. Lewis

OLB: D. Lee

MLB: R. McMillan

OLB: J. Perry

CB: E. Apple

CB: G. Conley

S; T. Powell

P: C. Johnston


Head Coach: Urban Myer

Offensive Coordinator: Ed Warinner

Defensive Coordinator: Luke Fickell


If you still want to know more facts you can go to OSU football games to get more Intel. Also, always make sure to have your Buckeye sprit switch on high. Furthermore remember, "Success is what you do with what you got"-Coach Woody Hayes.