Green Revolution PROS VS. CONS

Ryan Wallace Period 6


  • Capable of growing crops on a massive scale, and for more profit.
  • Make plants which are resistant to pests and herbicides.
  • Farming can become a process of automation, and no longer needed to take the effor in past years it did to farm.
  • Can replant same crops without having to let land die.
  • Can grow virtually any crop anywhere in any region, without worry of the crops failing.
  • Farmers can grow and export crops that are cheap to make for a large profit through exporting.


  • Large groups of the same crop are unnatural, and require extreme amounts of land, water and fertilizer.
  • When pests and weeds are introduced to the GMO's poisons (fertilizer) they can become resistant and will create a problem of getting rid of them in the future. Also cross pollination could occur that could result in a hybrid species that could become difficult to maintain.
  • GMO's are not able to reproduce they are sterile.
  • By constantly replanting crops without restoring soil health means that more fertilizer is required to replenish nitrates.
  • Contributes to food scarcity as staple food crops are being replaced by cash crops to be exported.
  • No attention paid to the suitability of what can be grown in a given area.

Do you agree?

I agree with the idea of Green Revolution and how it can make food available to virtually anybody on the planet. However, I disagree on how it is handled with the mass production of food it brings the consequences of introducing heavy chemicals into the earth that could potentially harm future offspring.