Kylia Geddis 8/7/2014

What Is Multimedia?

Multimedia is the variety of artistic or communicative media. It refers to the multiple forms of media by means of computer technology.They are used to teach, inform, train, entertain, and report.

The Different Types Of Multimedia?

  • Presentations
  • Tutorials
  • Simulation
  • Games
  • Web Pages
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Stages of Production in Multimedia

  1. Analysis- Knowing your goals, requirements and the type of audience you're entertaining
  2. Design- Planning the look, the type of media to use, tools, and spending budget
  3. Development- Starting the production, and testing it's media
  4. Implement- Finishing the application, putting it into operation and showing it to audience
  5. Evaluation- Evaluating your production, and the effect it has towards the audience
  6. Maintenance- Keeping the production up to date, and fixing any problems that may arise as soon as possible