Laker Learners' Update

2nd Week of December


In writing we have been practicing identifying and even writing the different parts of a letter (friendly). We have been using a song to help memorize the parts of a letter. Ask your child. It goes to the tune of the "Hokey Pokey". We published our first friendly letter this week and it happens to be to Santa. On Monday, I will send home a copy of the letter. As a parent, I know you might have an interest in seeing their letter and some of their wishes.

Publishing our Santa Letters!


Mr. Stanford is a teacher at Indian Lake High School. He currently teaches Engineer Drawing and a couple of graphic design classes. In the graphic design classes, the students use to learn Photoshop for creating many of their projects. For the third year now, their classes have included a couple of our first grade rooms into a winter project. The high schoolers have a project to work in teams to create coloring books for first graders. Mr. Stanford then asks our first graders to grade the projects. Our students use a rubric and grade the high schooler's coloring books on the following topics: topic appeal, front cover design, formatting, details, recognizable pictures and quality. Once we return our rubrics to the high schoolers, they take an order request of coloring books and the students all receive their own coloring book for the holidays. Both age-groups of children seem to enjoy this. The high schoolers will come over to the elementary next week to deliver our coloring books. They offer a brief time to color alongside the kids and they willingly partake in some cookies and milk with our first graders as well.

Teaming, Talking, & Tabulating Grades for the Coloring Books

Participating in the Hour of Code

This past week was the third annual global challenge called the Hour of Code. This is an effort to try to promote Computer Science to children of all races and ages throughout the world. For first graders, the ideas is to show them that computers are programmed. Someone has to code/program them to complete a function. Our class successfully completed the Hour of Code! We used the Classic Maze courses from The students really seem to be engaged. I also even introduced them to something very similar called Lightbot. Lightfoot can be used as an application for a tablet or it can be accessed through the desktop computer.

Learning the Basics of Coding

The Hour of Code 2015

Student & Family Learning Resources

I encourage everyone to visit our class blog/site. I have tried to be as transparent as possible with creating this blog. You can obviously see some of the things your child is learning. There is also a school calendar of events, a page for Word Wall Word practice/reading, a Laker Links page where students can access the same links/sites I use to practice some of our reading and math skills. You can get to this page using the button below or by going to the school's elementary web page and selecting on my name from the Teacher Pages tab. If you have an additional idea that you think would benefit the page, please do not hesitate to ask. This is intended to be more of a resource for parents and kids than myself.
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