Endangered Species in NC



This species's common name is The Humpback Whale. It's scientific name is Megaptera Novaeangliae.

The humpback whale is found in the coastal region in NC; along the coastlines.

The Endangered Humpback Whale

Why is it in danger of extinction?

The humpback whale increased greatly and made them a perfect target for hunters.Hunting humpback whales caused a decline in humpback whale population. Many of the large species were hunted by commercial whaling and they also were in danger of other human activities like fishing and bad water quality in oceans.

Things being done to protect it from extinction

What is being done to protect humpback whales from being endangered is hunting being banned. The whaling commision issued a ban on humpback whales to prevent extinction. The hunts of humpback whales are being banned in many areas.Another thing being done is protect water quality in our oceans. Fishing has also stopped for these whales.