WW Media Newsletter for Staff



Hello! This is the second installment newsletter to provide you with information from the Media Center and Technology Tips. If you have ideas or requests for information, especially Tech Tips, let me know!

"I Love to Read Month" is February and "Read Across America" is March 3-7

Click here for my Pinterest Board with many resources to support I Love to Read Month and Read Across America. Information will be sent home to families in mid-February about this week. This link takes you to my Media website with all that information too, including dress up days.

Setting Up and Using Google Drive on Your Computer or Mobile Devices

Jeanna Warren (pictured below) is looking for a better way to save/update/share files rather than using a bunch of Flash drives. She can do this if she sets up Google Drive on her desktop or mobile devices or laptop.

There are benefits to doing so:

  • Put files in Google Drive and you can access them on your desktop, mobile phone or tablet, and drive.google.com
  • Make changes to a file in one place and it automatically updates everywhere.
  • You have 30 gig of storage space
  • Can share easily with colleagues

Installing Google Drive is an amazing time saver; just follow the directions in the video below. Don't hesitate to ask me for any kind of assistance!

Search Easily for Apps

Search in Google for iPad apps by following the directions in the image below. You could also search for free apps this way (e.g. math facts free). Another website to search for similar apps to one you like is "Sensor Tower."

Spotlight App: Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a tool that can be used with any content area by virtually any grade level which makes it incredibly flexible. Teachers are able to use it to record lessons, create demonstrations, and export their videos to their websites to support their instruction. They can also use the videos that students create as an assessment tool. Here's a free book on how to use Explain Everything.

How do I know if something is copyright protected?

This website provides information on whether something is allowed to be copied for an educational purpose by a school staff member or not. We can always help with that question too in the Media Center.

For Fun: 5 TED Talks on Education

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) talks are short videos of "ideas worth spreading." These 5 TED Talks are among the most popular regarding education.

Also, Mahtomedi and Century College are hosting a TEDx Conference this year on March 29th. Click here for more info on it.