2013 Launch Team Kickoff

A new look to solve an old problem!

It seems like only yesterday…

…Godfrey and Palumbo joined the team and renamed it Cloud Launch. A lot has happened since then.

  • Godfrey grew a moustache
  • Folks have moved on to other teams
  • We got some new faces
  • Cybersource is starting to pull it's own weight
  • Launch Team and FutureZen hooked up
  • Godfrey shaved his moustache

And the list will continue to grow as we start writing yet another chapter in the story of RAX Cloud onboarding. So join us Tuesday night at The Esquire to raise a toast to what is sure to be our most successful year yet.

The Esquire Tavern

Tuesday, Feb 19th, 6pm

155 East Commerce Street

San Antonio, TX

See The Esquire's menu here.
6:00PM - Arrive

6:01PM - Order food & drinks*

*Repeat if necessary

Two Wheels?

For the adventurous ones in the group, you're welcome park at Bluestar and ride the mile or so to The Esquire. We've got some extra bikes and passes to Bcycle.