7th and 8th Grade News

Week of January 4th

Hawk Happenings

Hello all,

Welcome back from Christmas break! I hope it was relaxing and joyful for all. My Christmas was terrific. Anytime I get to be around family and friends for so long it rejuvenates me and gets me ready for the work ahead. So here's our first newsletter of 2016.

Weather Conditions

Seeing as we are in the middle of Winter now, I thought it would be a good time to talk about our procedure in regards to weather conditions. Today for example, there were clearly driving hazards, and we communicated to you that school will start late due to those conditions. In most cases, we will be following the Tacoma Public School District's decisions about scheduling during weather conflicts. This means that if there are some questionable weather hazards, and you are unaware if there is school tomorrow, you can check what the Tacoma Public Schools are doing and use that as a reference as to what we may be doing. In all cases, I will email you regardless if there will be any scheduling conflicts the night before, or the morning of, depending on when I hear of the decision. But if you are unsure, or I have for some reason forgotten to get you in the email list, please check what the Tacoma Public Schools are doing.

Pay to Dress January 8th

This Friday will be a pay-to-dress day for school. Students who bring $2 will be allowed to wear free dress during that day/ $2 must be brought by the student to me at the beginning of the day.

Homework Grading/ Volunteer Hours

If any parents/guardians need any volunteer hours, I could use quite a bit of help grading in the coming months. Mostly it will be Math homework, and I will always give you an answer key so that you are not really doing much work. I normally do most of my grading while watching ESPN, so it doesn't take a lot of focus. I just have a lot on my plate right now and could really use the help. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

Stealing Buddha's Dinner by Bich Minh Nguyen

This is the next novel we will be reading as a class. This a memoir written by a female Vietnamese woman who is the main character in her own story. It's a story about how a young girl travels from Vietnam to the USA and all of the challenges she faced as a child trying to adapt to a new culture. New friends. New foods. It offers incredible insight as to what it is like for someone to live in a foreign land and have to call it home. It can especially be enlightening to those students in my class who have experienced impactful cultural change sometime in their lives. Everyone has been an outsider at some point in their lives, so this story is one that all can relate to.

It can be as low as $14 new or $7 used on Amazon. Here is a link (that may or may not work by the time you click it). You can order it from Amazon or anywhere else you should find it, but all students must have their own copy of the book by January 11th. I've been informing the students that they should have this book for over a month now, so I feel as though a January 11th deadline is not too much to ask.


Personal Possessions

Just a reminder that students should not be bringing any of their personal belongings to school unless they plan to use them for school work. This means I do not want Pokemon Cards in the classroom, or anything else. I have informed students that I will take away any unnecessary possessions that they bring to school and send them to the office to be picked up by a parent/guardian. (If your student comes to school with a phone, this is a reminder that they are not pull them out during class time or in any situation unless it's an emergency.)

Tutoring this Week

I will be available for after school tutoring this week on Wednesday and Thursday. Please email me if you plan on having your student attend.

Have a great week all! Email me any questions or concerns you have for the week.