Local News Update

By: Emily 5/13/16

The Astonishing Ceremony

December the most scary part of the ceremonies The Ceremony of 12 arrived. The 12’s came in and sat down they called number after number. Jonas was curious for what job he was going to get in the community. Jonas was number 19. As soon as he knew it the number 18 was called up the 12 finished but, the chief Elder went from 18 to 20.

Jonas' worries

Jonas was curious, mad, worried, surprised and anxious. Jonas just wanted to run out of there. He couldn´t look back at his parents but, he could imagine their disappointed faces. He kept looking down at his own feet and confused and think what had he done wrong.

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The New Receiver of Memory

When Jonas thought things could get any worse they started to shape up. The chief elder announced that the people might think that she made a mistake but she didn't then she said that Jonas in fact was a very important role he was the Receiver of Memory. Jonas was taken by surprise. He was confused and worried too.

The Chief Elder also said that Jonas had the right requirements which were intelligence, integrity, Courage and there was one that she could name but not describe and that requirement was Capacity to See Beyond.

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