By: Ashrith Reddy

Election of 1968

  • Inaugurated on January 20,1969
  • Ran as Republican nominee
  • Won with 301 electoral votes against democratic candidate Hubert Humphrey(191 votes)
  • Also, ran against Independent George Wallace with 46 votes.
  • Won with 31,710,470 votes

Election of 1972

  • Republican nominee with 520 electoral votes or 46,740,323 votes.
  • Ran against democratic George McGorvin with 17 electoral votes or 28,901,598 votes.
  • Widest margin victory in history, win for Nixon.

Vietnam War Under Nixon

  • First act was to issue a policy of Vietnamization which slowly withdrew 540,000 troops in South Vietnam.
  • Issued policy in order to calm the public down.

  • Policy allowed the natives to take over the war with American support.
  • Policy led to Nixon Doctrine which stated that US would honor commitments but not in the future(except through aid).

  • Troops were ordered to attack enemy in Cambodia.
  • Order came from Nixon in April 29,1970.

  • Attack caused riots and college protests,lives lost.
  • Troops were withdrawn on June 29,1970.

  • President power limited by War Powers Act which required 48 hour notice of conflict to Congress.

Policy of Détente

  • Nixon visited China and Moscow
  • Visits led to a period of relaxed tension or Détente between all
  • Resulted in $750 million worth of grains to USSR
  • Resulted in agreement or SALT( strategic Arms Limitation Talks)


  • Began on June 17,1972, 5 men arrested with electronic bugging equipment working for CREEP at Watergate apartment office.
  • Building was Democrat headquarters.
  • Tip of iceberg in corruption
  • 29 people resigned as a result
  • Congress passed first article of impeachment for obstruction of justice in july 1974.
  • On August 8th, 1974 Nixon resigned due to scandals instead of impeachment.