High Page Rank

Importance of the content

Optimization of the content of your web site is the first and most important step of any SEO campaign optimization. To present the search engines that their site is relevant to a certain subject, those who deal with a site needs to optimize as many different pages of your site as possible and for as many as possible different keywords.

Searchers should allow them to be able to process your website; no problems and keywords should appear in the right places.

Make up Keywords that have impact to your business website in navigation and connect your website words that make sense. Ensuring that search engines can properly categorized by the site.

Second Usability and site suitability user’s

High ranking on search engines will not help your site if your visitors cannot find their way because of not so good work. Be certain that all sides of your web site are easy to use and that important information is easily accessible. Visitors to your site should be able to make it possible to find easily what they are looking for. Easy and simple navigation and good interconnectivity pages on the site play a very important role when it comes to optimizing the built of a good site. The user should be allowed to introduce as easily find appropriate content within the site.

Create pages that will be "friendly“to the users and visitors (user friendly), adjustable eye users who have a professional and convincing design.

If the percentage of site visitors who buy something on your site is higher, you will need less user site to be successful. This means that it is very important that users are coming to your site, the most important is that it be as large as possible number of targeted visitors who are looking for exactly what you offer on the site.

Links to the site high pr backlinks

You can start to build pr backlinks to your site when you are 100 % sure that your site is on page optimized and the maximum possible number of pages optimized for the maximum possible number of key words.

If Google finds several different sites with content that is relevant to certain keywords, web pages with the best, highest quality and most relevant links to your site will be listed in a higher position in the result pages of Google, above the other.

Optimize the site for search engines, primarily Google optimization, if done in a proper and appropriate manner, with the appropriate procedures of things on their relevance and importance, it is not a difficult job. Do the right things in the right sequence and your site will get a place on the scale that Google deserves.

Unfortunately, many web masters hurry, rush, and try to run before they can walk at all.

Social media and social networks can have a positive impact on the ranking of your site. High ranking backlinks are also very important. Both factors, however, will not help your site, if your SEO campaign lacks a solid foundation.

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