We've worked hard & had some fun...

read all about the things we've done! 11/9/14


This week our spelling pattern is short vowel sounds. The ways in which the short vowel sounds are spelled break our typical "rules". Since these words are rule breakers and do not have consistent patterns, repeated practice to memorize their spelling will be most beneficial. We do practice our spelling words & patterns at school, but your child may need additional practice at home as well!


Although our science & social studies topics are typically integrated into whole group or small group reading, this week we did spend a few days working as scientists to build some background knowledge for our new writing unit. You may have noticed the papers about position, motion, and force that came home! This information will help us as we plan & conduct experiments that we will then write about.

At the end of the week, we began walking through the steps of the scientific method together. We came up with a question & recorded it in our lab report books, we determined & wrote our own hypothesis, then we made a plan & conducted multiple trials.

there has been a great deal of excitement as we begin this new unit!

During tech time this week, everyone began publishing one of their narrative stories. It will take us several weeks to complete the typing & illustrating of these stories!

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Reading & Language Arts Skills

While we continue to make connections anytime we are reading, our focus has shifted to visualizing what we are reading. We are working towards being careful listeners as we read, so that we picture what the author is telling us and not just what we imagine. After listening to a poem about a baby brother, everyone drew their own picture of what they thought the baby brother looked like. Then, we returned to the poem to identify the details that can help us to accurately visualize the author's message. It was fun to compare our picture to someone else's!

This week, we reviewed nouns and plural nouns. Our focus was identifying irregular plural nouns that do not become plural by adding -s, -es, or -ies. For example, feet, mice, & children.


Second graders, unlike first graders, complete student reflection checklists after their first attempt at a unit Posttest. This reflection helps us to target what skills we need to review or practice before the second attempt. I will be sharing this form with you during conferences!

This week we will begin Unit 2, which is all about extending place value skills learned in first grade. An informational sheet about this new unit will be sent home with your child this week, so be sure to check your child's blue folder daily!

Things to Remember or Make Note of...

-Spelling test will be Friday, November 14th!

-New reading goals will be sent home this week!

-As your child reads at home, he/she should be filling in the November Book It! calendar for each 20 minutes read!

-There is no school Tuesday, November 11th, due to Veteran's Day!

-Teachers will meet to schedule sibling conferences on Monday. You will receive a conference date & time later in the week, so be sure to check your child's blue folder!