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A Newsletter for All Things 8th Grade

September 19, 2016

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8th Grade Retreat

Learning how to "Lead on Purpose," remain Faith-Full, and taking each other's burderns were all things we learned on the retreat this year. Joe Melendrez led us through a variety of team-building, life-affirming, and relationship-building activities that helped us to find our true purpose this year. May we keep these lessons in mind as we create the legacy of the Class of 2017. This is our year!
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Secondary School Q&A and 8th Grade Back to School Night

Thursday, Sep. 29th, 6pm

405 South Euclid Avenue

Pasadena, CA

Students and parents should attend this informational event. You will learn the details of the 8th grade curriculum as well as what to expect as you journey through the high school admissions process.
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What's Happening in English Class?

In English class this year, students will develop into enthusiastic, confident, and competent readers, writers, listeners, and speakers. Students will sharpen their academic writing skills in both short and in-depth assignments as they enjoy a wealth of great literature. Daily and long-range assignments will consist of reading full-length essays, timed writings, responses to reading, vocabulary study, and review of grammar and punctuation. The class aims to enhance their ability to think critically and independently, to develop well-supported opinions about their reading, and to write convincingly in a variety of modes.

Bless Me, Ultima is going to be the first novel we study together this year. It's a coming of age tale centered on a young boy growing up in New Mexico in the 1940's. Themes of family, friendship, faith, and courage are central to the work. We are actually going to read the book in paperback to practice our annotation skills that the students will need in high school. They'll then practice annotating their books just as thoroughly on their iPads.

Students are expected to learn their vocabulary words "long term," so we spend class time collaborating on the best strategies for memorizing and retaining lots of information. Of course the best way to build vocabulary is to read widely. This week students will be visiting the library for a presentation from Ms. Guyer and Ms. Lin in anticipation of choosing their first outside reading book of the year.

We continue to pray for Ms. Bonfils as she recovers and we are grateful to Ms. Goethals for filling in to teach 8th grade English. Ms. Goethals intends to adhere to Ms. Bonfils' schedule from last year as closely as possible in order to foster a virtually seamless transition when she returns.

Iphonography Elective

In the Iphonography Elective, Ms. White helps students learn the basics of photography. Notice that two of the pictures are "depth of field" pictures, meaning the focus is on the object in the foreground while the background is still seen through the blur. The other two are "forced perception," making an object look smaller or larger then it actually is based on angles and depth.
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Parents Can Go on Schoology?!

Parents who are not registered on Schoology may be missing out on important information. Please be aware of the following regarding Schoology:

  • Parent Access provides a snapshot of assignments due, upcoming assessments, and teacher updates.

  • Grade information viewed online is NOT LIVE. We update data every other week. Review data without expectation that the information is final (it is a marathon, not a sprint).

  • Homework continues to be posted daily online, but is a BACKUP to the planner we expect middle school students to use. Students are expected to write down or input their homework on their iPad before checking Schoology at night.

    Parents who do not have their 8th grader's access code, please email Adrienne Bononi atabononi@mayfieldjs.org.

    Watch this video below to learn how to get on Schoology.

    Schoology Parent View

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    ISEE Closed Test at MJS

    If you choose to take the ISEE exam at Mayfield for entrance to 9th grade, our site is open to Mayfield students only, therefore, you will need a code to sign up. Click here and use the code below to regsiter.

    Invitation Code: CU2SQVJY

    Be sure to fill in all areas that have an asterisk.

    Practice tests are September 24, October 22 and November 19. Each test is held here at MJS, 8:30am-12:30pm.

    To register contact Unlocking Potential at: info@uptestprep.com or (424) 703-3072.

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    Once Upon a Time at Mayfield...

    This year the Class of 2017 is creating the yearbook! Don't forget to download the Herff Jones app so you can upload your pics!
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    St. Francis Center

    Our 8th graders will begin their weekly visits to serve breakfast at the St. Francis Center on October 4th. The St. Francis Center, in the Franciscan tradition, is a multi-purpose service center founded in 1972 in response to the growing number of people in need in the Garment District neighborhoods downtown.

    Parent participation is key to the success of this Reach Out experience. One to two parents are needed each week to drive our students to the St. Francis Center.

    Additionally, our students make sack lunches to distribute to the St. Francis Center patrons so we ask our 8th grade families to donate the supplies.

    You will be receiving two Sign-up Genius e-mails (one for drivers to volunteer and one for the sack lunch supply donations). Please take a look to see where you can help!

    If you have any questions, please contact Laurie Smith.

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    Go Mustangs!

    Please come and support our Mayfield Mustangs! Here is what's coming up this week, for the complete season schedule, please visit the "MJS Athletics" page on the parent portal.

    SEP 19: Girls C Volleyball Tournament

    Start 3:30 PM

    Location: Westridge

    SEP 20: Boys A and B Football

    Start 3:00 PM Vs Flintridge

    Location: Mayfield

    SEP 20: Girls A and B Volleyball

    Start 3:15 PM vs Flintridge

    Location: Mayfield

    SEP 22: Boys A and B Football

    Start 3:15 PM

    Location: Poly

    SEP 22: Girls A and B Volleyball

    Start 3:15 PM

    Location: Poly

    Have you followed us on Twitter yet? @MJSAthletics It's a great way to get up-to-date game results!

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    Put This on Your Calendar...

    • Sunday, September 25, 4pm: Opening Mass

    • Wednesday, September 28: Picture Day (8th graders wear concert dress to school and may change into their regular uniform after photos are taken). Make-up day is November 3.

    • Thursday, September 29, 8:20am: Mass of the Holy Spirit, Student Council Installation, and School Families Begin

    • Thursday, September 29, 6pm: Secondary Q&A and 8th Grade Back to School Night in the HPAC. Everyone (students and parents) should attend. (8th grade families do not need to attend the Middle School Back to School Night)

    • Reach Out at St. Francis Center begins on October 4

    • Thursday, October 13: Founder's Day Mass (Concert Dress), Snack Bar

    • Thursday-Friday, October 20-21: Fall Conferences, NO SCHOOL. 8th graders are expected to attend conferences with their parents to discuss their goals and concerns with their teachers.

    • Friday, October 28: HARVEST FESTIVAL! Please note that Monday, 10/31 and Tuesday, 11/1 are normal school days. Students will be allowed to wear Halloween accessories to school on 10/31.
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    8th Grade Advisory Team

    Pamela Danni, Team Leader (pdanni@mayfieldjs.org)

    Lisa Byrne, Advisor and Co-Team Leader (lbyrne@mayfieldjs.org)

    Chris Goethals, Advisor and Secondary School Liaison (cgoethals@mayfieldjs.org)

    Juan Garcia, Advisor and Student Council Leader (jgarcia@mayfieldjs.org)

    Ruth Villarreal, Advisor and Athletics Director (rvillarreal@mayfieldjs.org)

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