Brazil and Colombia  

Economic cooperation

The Brazilian government looks at Colombia as a strong business partner in the development of business.

In the past five years, trade relations between Colombia and Brazil have strengthened, which is due in large part to the global economic crisis of 2008, which led these countries to focus on the potential of its neighbors. In 2012, Brazilian exports to Colombia totaled USD2.800 million, 8.5% higher than those recorded in 2011

Colombia is the fifth largest trading partner of Brazil in Latin America and for the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, is a strategic country in the economy and in the relations of the continent.

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Brazil has an economy that is important for Colombia not only by its geographical proximity to us but also for the opportunities it offers in terms of trade and, especially, in foreign direct investment. Brazil is a country that has grown very important in the agricultural issue, a situation that was achieved through the implementation of new technologies and more efficient production methods.

Today there is a large flow of Brazilian investment to Colombia

This year begin to improve Colombia's exports to Brazil where companies allied include garments, yarns and fibers, embroidery and miscellaneous inputs for apparel, accessories. leather goods, pharmaceuticals, hospital supplies, containers and packaging, oil and grease, chemicals, petrochemicals and coal, among others.

Expectations and Opportunities

Currently, bilateral trade that relies on primary products; the business mission this year came with the intention of strengthening other sectors, such as machinery and services area, which is an important chapter for Brazilian entrepreneurs.