Quiver Education

Lauren Skidmore


Quiver is an augmented reality application that bring coloring pages to life. It is a downloadable app that works with Apple and Android devices. For the basic use of Quiver it is a free app to download, but for Quiver Education it has a one time cost of $7.99. Quiver Education offers the same idea of downloading pages, coloring them, and bringing them to life, but with more of a focus in educational content. It offers content related to social studies, sciences, and maths and gives descriptions with parts of the pictures as well as questions and quiz options.
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Educational Strengths

- engaging for students

- improved cognitive development

- easy to use

- instructional tutorial

- zoom in and out of pictures

- take a video or picture of the 3d visual

- comes in different languages (English, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish)

Educational Weaknesses

- cost $7.99 per device

- not for all content areas

- printers/ colored pencils needed (markers will not allow 3D picture to work)

- only works with Apple and Android devices

- better for older children

- ages 6-8 will need adult supervision and assistance

Educational Usage or Task

This could be used after learning content in a subject area to reinforce the information and give visual learners an opportunity to better understand the information. As well as make the lesson more fun and interesting for all students. This app could also be used for quizzes in the classroom which would also make it more fun than the typical paper and pencil version.