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Weekly Storm Forecast for September 11-18, 2020

Celebrations from week 1

So many amazing things happened this week and we want to celebrate our unprecedented start. If you have a celebration or a "gratitude," please send an email to one of our staff members. Here are some of the amazing things we've seen this week:

  • Families and kids reaching out for help and our staff helping everyone navigate!
  • Staff supporting kids and families in many different languages to meet a variety of needs
  • Teachers shifting, being flexible, laughing, and doing what they do best…LOVING kids!
  • Students building relationships through STORM and CONTENT classes
  • Students and Teachers doing HARD things well, even though we wondered if we could do those things a few days ago.
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textbooks + supplies + materials

We have an update for those of your who were unable to make it to our distribution event last week.

We will be able to provide a delivery to your home and we hope by Tuesday. Our amazing bus drivers and our transportation department will be dropping items at your door and stepping away to ensure appropriate social distance

Attendance reminder

SQHS students, be sure to attend all classes and engage in learning activities. We cannot emphasize this enough…please also reach out, connect, and take advantage of the afternoon and Wednesday asynchronous time with all of your teachers!


Clubs and Club fair information will be coming at the end of the month. We will also be announcing ASB Class Officer elections for grades 9, 10, 11 soon.

Class Schedule and calendar

We hope you had a great time this week in your morning synchronous classes and reached out and connected with teachers and worked on learning activities during the asynchronous afternoons. If you have questions regarding the schedule, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask.

A note about Wednesdays: by now you know that our live-online learning opportunities are happening on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of each week, with a short live online meeting time every Wednesday morning during STORM. The rest of the day on Wednesdays serves as time for families and students to connect with teachers during office hours and for teacher planning and collaboration. Students be sure to start the day in your STORM class and continue to check into your TEAMs classes throughout the rest of the day on Wednesdays.

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Food Service

Free meal boxes for all

We are continuing to offer free meal boxes to families because the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has extended its free meals program into the 2020-21 school year. This means all children ages 0 to 18, plus our students who attend Community Transitions, will continue to receive free meal boxes. On our first distribution day, we ran out of boxes. We are connecting with families and increasing our production to help meet the need, and we see this as a good sign (even though it stings to turn folks away) because we want this service to be available for ALL kids. See our food services webpage for times and locations.

Some quick facts about meal boxes:

  • We want to provide healthy food for all kids, regardless of eligibility for free and reduced price meals. Healthy food is for everyone!
  • Every meal box we give away is accounted for through the USDA, so we will be preparing more boxes in the weeks to come, and we encourage families to pick them up for their kids.
  • These boxes now include scratch-made meals from our Central Kitchen, which includes some favorites from our Good Food Project school lunch menu. Yesterday we served a vegetarian chili and a chickpea curry masala.
  • Some families have said they’d like to pay for meal boxes, which is not necessary at this time. However, for those who can, please considering donating to our Bellingham Public Schools Foundation, which supports numerous programs across our district. Giving is not required but certainly appreciated.

Do you have a housing issue?

Hello everyone,

We are partnering with The Opportunity Council to try and get word out to our Whatcom County residents that might qualify for payment assistance if they are behind on rent or mortgage payments. We know our students and families are especially vulnerable to losing income due to the pandemic right now, so I'm reaching out to YOU all to spread the word within your networks. I will be creating a brief video with OPPCO staff in the coming weeks to share with you all, as well as creating social media posts that I hope we all can share on our various platforms. For now, please feel free to print, email or upload this flyer (in Spanish, Russian and English) to your various communication platforms so students and families can get the help they need and deserve as soon as possible.

Program Synopsis provided by Opportunity Council:

Opportunity Council will be receiving CARES Act dollars to serve Whatcom Co households with Rental Assistance (ERAP). These funds will be available approximately Sept 1-Dec 31, 2020. They are designed to serve households who are below 50% AMI and have unpaid rent. Someone in the household also must meet at least one additional criterion in order to be eligible:

Rent burdened: 50% or more of current monthly income is needed to pay rent.

Previously homeless within the last five years. This includes experiences of couch surfing/double up.

Eviction history within the last seven years.

Housing disrupted due to household member race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, or religion.

At risk of severe illness as per CDC (62 or older, underlying condition).

Disability of any member of the household. Includes a physical, developmental, mental, or emotional impairment, including impairment caused by alcohol or drug abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, or brain injury. A person with HIV/AIDS is considered disabled.

Thank you all for your help in spreading the word! If you have a moment to let me know if you shared it that would be great, just so I can keep track of where I need to continue outreach efforts.

If you would like to follow and share from our social media platforms they are as follows:

Blog: http://www.futuresnw.org/blog

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/futuresnw/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/futuresnw2020/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FuturesNorthwe1

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@futuresnw2020

Links to other supports

Librarian: tracy.shaw@bellinghamschools.org

SQHS Counselors: https://squalicum.bellinghamschools.org/counseling/

District Help technicians: help@bellinghamschools.org

Resouces (meals, childcare, mental health and more) : https://bellinghamschools.org/resources/

This year's GRAD ADS

We are working with a new company. Check out this link to see how you can place a GRAD AD in the yearbook for your Senior.