Fun And Guns

Tyrone Washington


One early summer afternoon in Brandon Ridge, me and my friend Luis were hanging with a group of high schoolers in front of one of their houses. One of the High schoolers were in the car and had the music on loud. Most of the neighbors didn’t mind except one man across the street. Luis and I called him Mr.Nebbercracker. We got the name from a movie called Monster House. He always came out yelling saying get off his yard, even if we were on the sidewalk he came out yelling. Mr.Nevercracker said “I don’t care about no kids, stay the heck of my yard."

You Better Run

They had the music loud from a car.He told everyone to stay there he’ll be back. So everyone was laughing about the situation. Then Mr.Nevercracker came back out with one of them old time rifle and cocked and aimed it at everyone. The teens drove off and Luis and I ran to his house 2 doors down.