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Dr. Libby Guilliams, Director

Dr. Guilliams is entering her 15th year at the Career and Technology Center. She has served as the guidance counselor, secondary assistant director, post-secondary assistant director, and is now entering her first year as the Director of the Career and Technology Center.

Her goal for students at the CTC is for them to gain the skills and confidence they need to be successful. She expects students to come to school everyday prepared to learn, in the same manner a successful employee comes to work prepared to do their job.

Dr. Guilliams states, "I want the CTC to continue to serve the educational and workforce needs of the Southeast MO region. I have been with the CTC for 15 years so I appreciate the reputation and service the CTC has historically provided - I hope to maintain that reputation while infusing a fresh perspective and approach to our collective goals."

Dr. Guilliams lives in Whitewater with her husband of 29 years, Roger. They have three children--Caleb (28) lives in Charlotte, NC and works in Construction Management, Megan (27) lives in Paris, KY and works in the thoroughbred industry, and Jaden (17) is a senior at Cape Central High School.

Brock Crowley, Post-Secondary Assistant Director

Brock Crowley is entering his 14th year in education and his first year as the Post-Secondary Assistant Director at the Career and Technology Center. He taught for eleven years at East Carter County as the Carpentry/Cabinetmaking instructor and baseball coach. He spent two years as the Director of Pemiscot County Career and Technology Center.

Brock states, "Career and Technical Education is my passion! I started my educational career teaching CTE courses and have never looked back. I feel it is extremely important for all students to be presented with multiple pathways to success. CTE is an excellent avenue for many and can provide students with the opportunity to gain many skills that will prepare them for the future."

Brock and his wife, Monique, reside in Jackson with their five children: Cale, Adele, Camilla, Ada, and Camden.

Kristy Unger, Secondary Assistant Director

What is the biggest benefit for students taking a program at CTC?

The benefits of students taking a program at CTC are ENDLESS!! Programs at CTC offer students practical training and technical subject matter that prepares students for college as well as a full-time job. Students can find connections between their academic coursework and their career goals. CTC courses are generally more hands on than traditional academic coursework and can help improve skills such as teamwork, problem-solving and communication. Whether a student decides to pursue additional education or join the workforce immediately after graduation, they are armed with practical work experience that is applicable across a variety of fields. Students also have the choice of several co-curricular activities such as SkillsUSA, DECA, FFA, National Technical Honor Society and Student Ambassadors. Overall, CTC programs offer diversity in education, training and soft skill that academic courses alone can’t provide.

How should parents and students decide if a program at CTC is right for them?

The first thing parents need to know is that CTC is no longer designed for students who may not be considering college. So please do not allow the misconception set by the old-school “vo-tech” prevent you from exploring the possibilities awaiting students at CTC. We preepare students to be BOTH college and career ready. CTC currently has 20 programs for high school students and each of them offer some type of college credit-the majority of which allows the student to earn up to 36 hours of credit. The specific attributes that CTC can develop in students are enough to empower them to gain the attitude, skills, and knowledge needed to conquer any dream or achieve any goal they may have.

I encourage students who are considering enrollment at CTC to explore the countless careers available to them. One popular career exploration tool used by many schools is Missouri Connections-an online platform to assist students with their educational and career planning. Missouri Connections offers an interest inventory that will result in an individualized profile with numerous careers suited to the student’s interests. There are various avenues to assist students with making the decision of which career path to pursue. Students interested in CTC should speak with their school counselor for more information regarding career pathways and educational planning.

In addition, I encourage both parents and students to visit CTC. Tour the building, meet the instructors and visit with our counselor to learn more about the numerous options CTC offers.


Our new and improved website now includes weekly announcements, upcoming events, student organizations, and lots of other great information about our programs.

Beginning of School Assembly

A school wide assembly took place on Friday, August 24th. Students learned about the expectations at the CTC, the criteria for Passport to the Future, National Honor Technical Society, Student Ambassadors, Skills USA, along with facts about the Embedded LA and Math programs offered at the CTC.

CTC Students Making A Difference

Abbi Whitaker and Debbie Drury, along with the Health Occupations classes, held a Blood Drive on September 11. They exceeded their goal of 55 units with 57 total units donated...that could potentially save 171 lives! Meeting their goal also allows one of the Health Occupations students to receive a scholarship from the American Red Cross.

CTC students are making a difference. Bravo, CTC students and staff, Bravo!

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Student ambassadors are a select group of students chosen through an application and interview process to assist prospective students in the enrollment process, represent the Cape Girardeau Career and Technology Center at various outreach activities and conduct campus tours. The program seeks students who are enthusiastic and who demonstrate exceptional communication and leadership skills.

Work Ready Grade

As a result of our Strategic Planning meeting where businesses said they would like to see an "employability" grade, beginning this school year, all students will receive a Work Ready grade that consists of the following percentages:

Attendance 50%

Attitude 25%

Soft Skills 25%

What are some of the Amazing OPPORTUNITIES offered to students at the CTC?

Passport to the Future

The “Passport to the Future” is awarded to students whom the faculty and support staff at the Cape Girardeau Career & Technology Center have identified as having met the criteria established by the Passport Committee.

The Committee has set high standards and believes that any student who is awarded the Passport is adequately prepared for entry level employment or further education.

1. Available to SENIORS and ADULTS only

2. Grade of B or better

3. No more than EIGHT absences

4. Member of DECA, FBLA, FFA, or Skills USA

5. No discipline referrals from the CTC

6. Instructor’s recommendation

7. At least TEN POINTS in the following: Work Experience, Club Membership, Organized Sports Participation, School/Club Offices, Community/Church Activities/Awards

National Technical Honor Society

Students who meet the following criteria will be invited to a banquet in March and will inducted into the National Technical Honor Society.

1. Senior in high school
2. B+ or better at the CTC

3. 8.0 or better on an 11.0 scale or 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (cumulative GPA)

4. No more than FIVE absences in their Senior year

5. No Discipline Referrals from home school or CTC

6. Good character

7. Recommended by their CTC Instructor

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How do I check my child''s grades and attendance at the CTC?

Log onto the Parent Portal by following these steps:

1. Call Mrs. Salyer at 334-0826 EXT. 6501 to get your "activation key."

2. Go to and click on "Families" in the upper right hand corner. Next, click on "Parent Portal."

3. Enter your username (your last name and first letter of your first name).

3. Enter you activation key and hit submit. Enter a new username and password.

Click on the file below for step-by-step instructions to access the Parent Portal.

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Our August/September Business Spotlight is Mondi. Birdie LeGrand and Mondi are always ready and willing to help with Student Professional Development Days, Manufacturing Day, Mock Interviews, and any event we hold at the Career and Technology Center. Thank you, Mondi and Birdie, for your commitment to helping our students!

Are there any opportunities for advancement in your business? Yes, we promote within for positions in Leadership, Process Technicians, Customer Service, Planning, and Administrative.

In the past, have you seen any advantages to hiring a student who completed a CTC program compared to hiring someone from the general public? CTC students have a high awareness around safety.

What can students do to help prepare themselves better to become successful employees? Complete Work Keys Testing to the highest score possible, have good attendance and maintain a positive attitude.

What can schools do a better job of to help prepare students to be successful employees? Students need to learn critical thinking skills and soft skills.

What are three soft skills you think students need MOST? Attendance, Communication, Positive Attitude

What is your starting salary and benefits? $14.00 per hour, paid holidays, health insurance, life insurance, and 401K with company match

Do you offer assistance for a college education? Yes, after 1 year employment Mondi pays 100% tuition. Students must maintain a "B" grade point average and abide by the attendance policy.

Searching for a Career? Come join our team and open the door to multiple opportunities!

Mondi is located in Jackson and offers internships and job shadowing opportunities. If you are interested in either, you can contact Kathleen Clayton at 334-0826 EXT. 6513 or email her at