Push and Pull factors

By: Emma Johnson

North Korea (Religious Persecution)

In North Korea, political persecution is dominating religious beliefs, making North Korea not go to church and worship their God. They get in trouble for go to their church and bow down and pray to their God.

North Korea is migrating to chime, South Korea, and to the United States of America to practice and worship their beliefs.

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Germany (ethnic persecution)

People are migrating to other countries because they do not want to be known as the killer due to the holocaust and the population has gone down due to the German flight and expulsion from Europe.

Germany has been migrating up to Russia and Berlin.

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Kenya (Environmental factors)

In Kenya, people are migrating to different countries die to unsafe water, population, diseases, and pollution.

Kenya is migrating up to North Africa and some parts of Europe.

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Mexico (economic motives)

Mexico has been migrating to different countries because the population has gone up, but also there is a lot of war, fighting in Mexico and they want to go somewhere so their families can be safe.

Mexico has been migrating to the United States of America because there are not a lot of wars here in the US and not a lot of Drug abusers.

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Madagascar (political factors)

Madagascar is migrating to different countries because their population is growing and their social class is really poor and can not pay much, especially to their governments and politics and taxes.

They are mainly migrating to India because most of them are Indian people and some are going over to France.

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Sudan (forced migration)

Sudan had to be forced out of their home and migrate to different country or spot because their are wars there and a lot of crisises there.

They migrate to countries around them and down to the gulf area.

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