CHS Connected Ed Scavenger Hunt

Week 2: December 8th

Overview - This week we TWEET!

I hope you have enjoyed the hunt so far. Several of you have created your Classroom accounts and earned points already. If you haven't, Its not too late to join. Check last weeks newsletter for instructions on how to create a Google Classroom account so you can earn and log your points.

Scavenger Hunt Prizes

50 points - Your name will be entered in a drawing for a prize.

100 points - Free JEAN Day (the date will be chosen by the IT team)

150 points - Your name will be entered in a drawing for a prize.

200 points - Free JEANS Week (the week will be chosen by the IT team)

The person with the most points on each campus will win a grand prize. If there is a tie, their names will be placed in a drawing to choose one winner.

Week 2: It's all about that TWITTER...bout that TWITTER

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You do not have to do all of the tasks, you will however only be given points for the tasks you have successfully completed. You can complete this weeks assignments at anytime during the length of the scavenger hunt. They do not have to be completed in this week. Good luck and have fun! 70 points on the line this week.

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