Self Censorship

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What is Self Censorship?

Self-censorship: is the act of censoring or classifying one's own work, out of fear of, or deference to, the sensibilities of others, without overt pressure from any specific party or institution of authority.

When should we self censor?

We should self censor when we are in school, in public, on any form of media. A.e Facebook, the radio.

Why self censor?

We self censor because were afraid of being judged for what WE have to say! We also think that something bad might turn from the things we say.

Exiled Journalist in Iran!?!

Vahid Pourostad, an Iranian journalist is forced to leave Iran due to not following the " Red Line's " that were violated. He was arrested and now a broadcaster with RFE/RL’s Radio Farda, talks about his work with the Persian Letters. One of the things that needed to be monitored was, for example, comments by Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei — meaning that we would make sure to publish only direct quotes from him. Indirectly quoting his comments could get us into trouble. He said that " Journalism in Iran is described as walking in a minefield without having the map of where the mines lie. You have to know how to walk between the mines without being blown up." So many regulations must be followed so your newspaper doesn't end up being shut down. Self-censorship is part of the nature of reformist publications [in Iran]. It was his mistake that got his newspaper banned, and he took full responsibility for the action.
Ralph Nader on the "Epidemic of Self-Censorship" and the Need for "Peaceful Tomorrows"

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