Nord's Newsletter

January 11-15, 2016

Webster Family Night Out

Please come to Z'Mariks from 4-9pm on Tuesday, Jan. 12 to support Webster's PTO fundraiser. This will be the BIGGEST percentage back to Webster from the families that eat there or take out....50%, which is HUGE. Mark it on your calendars and take a night off from cooking to come to Z/Mariks.

*Please bring the flyer your student brought home on Friday or show them a picture of the flyer on your cell phone so Webster receives credit for your food purchase. Mrs. Briggs emailed the flyer out in the J-Hawk Journal Dec. 22nd or show the flyer from my newsletter.


In reading the students read about the many different inventions created from studying things in nature. Ask your child to name a couple; cane to help the blind, swimsuits for Olympians, cell phone screens, tsunamis devices, etc. The reading comprehension skill was identifying details to support the main idea. Summarizing was also tied into our week.

Next week, we will be in finishing Unit 3. While continuing our work in Wonders, the students will be reading a chapter book during their guided reading time. The students will write an opinion book review for the district writing assessment once the book is completed


This past week, a couple more multiplication strategies were introduced. We will finish Unit 5 this week and take the test on Thursday.

Please have your child continue to log into Reflex Math to build fact fluency. More than half of the students are fluent in addition facts, but subtraction and multiplication facts need a lot additional practice at home.

Map Skills/Animal Classification

We spent this week working on map skills and have several lessons left to cover. But it is time to start animal classifications. It is a 3rd grade expectation to identify the 5 animal groups; birds, reptiles, mammals, amphibians,& fish and be able to distinguish what makes each animal belong to their group. It is a fun unit and the students will love it too. To kick it off this week, we will have a guest come share their knowledge on animal classification Thursday.

When there are 15-20 minutes to spare in our day, I will squeeze in another map skills lesson.


Oh, my goodness, the kids are so excited to be learning cursive. The letters introduced so far are; c, a, d, g, & h. I hope the following letters will be taught this week; t, p, e

100th Day

The 100th Day(Jan. 26th) is just around the corner. CRAZY!!!! We will do a couple of activities but I thought it would be fun to have a 100th Day snack for the class. Why not tie it into learning! Right? But I need your help. If you can help out and your child can bring one of the times listed below that will be FANTASTIC!!! The snack will consist of 10 each of the following items below. Each child will have 100 treats.

Please email or send a note if you are able to help out and I'll assign an item to bring.

~ 2 bags of pretzels
~ 1 large bags of small marshmallows
~ 1 box Fruit loops
~ 1 family size bag of Skittles
~ 1 family size bag M&Ms
~ 3 bags Goldfish
~ 5 bags Gummy Bears
~ 2 boxes of Teddy Grahams
~ Twizzlers Cherry Bites
~ Smarties

Snow Much Fun

Schedule for the Week

Monday: Music

Tuesday: Art and Library
**Webster Night Out at Z'Marik's from 4-9pm

Wednesday: **LATE START**, PE

Thursday: Music

Friday: Guidance & Computer
**Book Orders due*