Soccer Life

By: Max Fuenmayor

Quotes from Memoir

Some quotes from my Memoir are

1) "When I first moved to North Carolina."

2)"I was new and didn't know anyone there."

3)"But then I few days pass and I became friends with my soccer team I start meeting people that have I still see today. "

4)"This was a major let down but I know that we can beat them next year."

Excerpt from my Memoir

Then came play offs our team was still undefeated and our first opponent was that same team this team wanted revenge badly. We were ready and knew we had I handled. But then at second half it was one to one and both teams were fight for the ball our defense was in control until they shot a ball high and hard hitting flying straight toward a defenders face when suddenly it hits his arm. This makes them get a penalty kick right in the box which they score and we lost the game. This was a major let down but I know that we can beat them next year.


My Goal

This Memoir reminds me everyday that no matter how tall or how short you are you can do any. I believe it's my goal to work on my expire nice with soccer more it has been with me my whole life and I can't lose it now.