Grant Family Focus

April 11 2016

Upcoming Dates

Monday April 11-14- 5th Grade Begins Forward Testing

Mnday April 11- Pizza Sale and Ironing for the Reading Incentive-Please remember to send your students for their badges.

Tuesday April 12- 3rd Quarter Report Card Lockout

Wednesday April 13- Committee Meetings (PBIS 2:15-3:15; Academic 3:15-4:15)

Thursday April 14- Tornado Drill 1:15-1:45

Thursday April 14- FInal Mindset Book Study Meeting

Friday April 15- Personal Day Requests for May and June due

Friday April 15- Spring Fling

Monday April 18-22- 3rd Grade Testing (4th grade testing Wed-Thurs.)

Wednesday April 27- Professional Development for Staff

April 25-May 6- Spring Brightbytes Survey

Forward Testing

  • Testing Season Begins- Testing will begin next week for 5th grade, 3rd grade April 18-22 and 4th Grade April 18-22 and April 25-29; Make-ups May 2-6.

  • Remember- We are only allowed to test 50 students at a time to preserve bandwidth. Only those testing should be using the internet during those testing hours. Forward Schedule

  • Lisa will announce a reminder to shut down Internet each day and Mary will make an announcement when testing is completed for the day.

  • Keep in mind: We suggest we unplug iPads and other devices to prevent them from taking up bandwidth. You may use your computer and SMART board as long as it is not connected with blue cord or on WiFi.

  • Please remind students and visitors that we will be testing and to be quiet in the halls.

  • Thank you for your cooperation and flexibility.

April 27 Professional Development

We will hold our final PD session of the year on April 27th. Based on the feedback from March we have differentiated the PD. Please complete this Sign-up by April 15th to help us further plan our development.
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Technology Survey

To help plan better for our software, hardware and professional development needs for next year, please complete this feedback by May 1st.

Technology Survey

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