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5 Investments with Healthy Returns

Retirement might be what comes to mind when you think of investing but there are things you should be doing now to help elongate your life. Here are some investments with healthy returns that you should consider incorporating into your life plan.

1. Take that long planned vacation

Stewart Fogel, M.D. says ” Take a trip to Tuscany or somewhere else along the Mediterranean”, it could save your life. The Mediterranean diet is said to be one of the healthiest in the world. Traveling to the countries that experience this diet on a daily basis could bring the statistics to real life experience. A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine, shows that those that eat fish, fruits, vegetables, olive oil, nuts, and red wine are at a reduced risk of heart attack, stroke, and heart disease.

2. Plot your health info

Make a habit of entering all your blood analysis data into a tracking app. Organize all this information in order to keep track; trend lines and graphs are easy ways to visually see the changes in your overall health. Nutritional biochemist, James Scala, explains that “weight and blood sugar are two key components of adult-onset diabetes, and they usually trend together. By tracking them over a period of years, you’ll be able to alert your doctor and act more quickly”. By tracking your health information you can take a proactive approach to your chronic health problems and seek information before you are diagnosed.

3. Invest in your nutrition

Poor eating habits and lack of educating yourself on nutrition are the foundation for illness and disease. Consulting a certified nutritionist is usually your best option; they have up to date training and have an advanced degree from an accredited university. Don’t rely on what your doctor tells you, where they will give you a pill, a lot of minor health problems can be resolved by improving your diet.

4. Be a quitter

If you have bad habits like smoking or drinking alcohol, kick it to the curb. Smoking can cut more than 10 years off your life. But according to Men’s Health Magazine, if you can quit before 40 you can drastically improve the quality and quantity of years in your life. Replacing cigarettes with nicotine patches and group therapy is usually the most successful way to kick the habit.

5. Move to a healthier city

When thinking about relocating, consider the health and happiness of the people that live in that area. The healthier everyone around you is, the more influenced you will be to improve your health. There is a list of 78 quality of life indicators that include health care, cultural opportunities, and transportation convenience. Check this out all here Gift Card Rescue!