Agent 355 and the Culper Spy Ring

Lindsay Armstrong-per D-fri/24/14


George Washington said "Agent 355 never disappoints me She is always spot on." Some documents say agent 355 may have provided the intelligence that said Benedict Arnold was going to betray his country and that the famous British soldier John Andre was his contact.

Scholars speculate that 355 was a well-bred lady from New York. Such a position would have given her access to officers and their “attentions.” How easy is it to ignore boring talk of troop movements while you bat your eyelashes at a handsome, young soldier. Agent 355 would follow drunk Benidict Arnold around at parties just in case he might spill some information. 355 helped organise the arrest of major John Andre. John Addams was the head of Englands intelligence operatation in New York.

in October 1780 Agent 355 was captured and boarded on a prison ship and gave birth to a son named Robert Townsend jr. Agent 355 died that same day.

Where agent 355 and the culper spy ring whent under cover

The men and woman in the Culper Spy Ring mostly went under cover in New York but also in Long Island, Setauket, and Conneticut. You will see what they did in those places on a link to a google doc.

People in the culper spy ring

Anna Smith Strong

Fun facts

  • agent 355's real name is Anna Smith Strong
  • 355 simply meant female spy
  • 355 never dissappointed george washington
  • agent 355 was the first female spy
  • she was also called the hidden daugter of american revolution

Agent 355s brithdate and day died

born: unknown

died: october 1780