Room 3 News

June 3-7, 2013

The week ahead......

Language Arts:

Unit 6 Week 3 Grammar: pronouns and commas

Spelling: two syllable words: dentist, happen, unpack, begin, lion, protect, goes, build

Skill: Classify and Categorize

Math: reviewing subtration to 20, telling time and geometric shapes

Speeches: Everyone has a speech this week on their favorite animal or pet.

Upcoming Events

*Tuesday, June 4

9:45 Storyteller in the Media Center

Milo and Ryan will have pizza with Mrs. Norby because they read 400 books! Congratulations.

Awards Ceremony for running club and math olympiad

*June 7 Volunteer Tea in the garden at 8:30 Thank you to Krista Bonano, Alicia Gaudio,

Ashleigh Stuart, Mahbod Ghods, Melanie Wang and Matt Evans for volunteering this year!

We are also walking to Kubic Orthodontist Office and need parent volunteers to walk with us. Please have your child wear their school shirt.

Next week:

Camp Kindness Starts on Monday! We will make Chicken Soup! (Every month we memorize a poem about chicken soup) so I thought we should try making our own.

I will be asking for volunteers to send in ingredients. Please log onto the wiki to sign up for an ingredient.

I also need a volunteer to provide a camp snack for Tuesday, May 11 and Wed, May 12.


Ants on a Log - (celery sticks, cream cheese and raisins) the children will build their own, just need supplies.

Smores: graham crackers, chocolate and marshmellows

Last day of school is June 14 and it is a 1/2 day

Thank You for all your support,