Principal's Newsletter

Winthrop Middle School / November 2016

Important Dates

  • Wednesday, November 16th - Report Cards (1st Quarter) will be distributed
  • Thursday, November 17th - Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Wednesday, November 23rd - Early Release @ 12:30pm
  • Thursday, November 24th & Friday November 25th - NO school (Thanksgiving Break)
  • Friday, December 9th - Deadline for 8th grade students to sign up for D.C. trip

WMS Student Council Food Drive

WMS Student Council will be collecting non-perishable food items all this week to help the less fortunate in our community. We will be setting up boxes/containers in the Middle School lobby for all items. It would be great if all families could make a food donation. Students who donate will be entered into school-wide raffle! The deadline for all donations is Friday (11/19). We appreciate your help and generosity.

Curriculum Updates


Grade 6 Mathematics will be exploring decimal operations in the month of November with an emphasis on operations and real world applications of decimals. We will explore decimals through Go Math, TenMarks and a variety of supplemental materials.

7th grade math is currently working on unit rates and proportional relationships. Students are seeing a large variety of real-life applications with these concepts. We will then be continuing on to our unit on percents, and continuing to use proportional reasoning to solve percent applications.

8th grade has just begun a unit on graphing proportional relationships. During this time they will use this skill to make real-world connections.


6th Grade students are finishing their first in-class novel, Maroo of the Winter Caves. Students have been developing vocabulary, honing comprehension strategies and developing an understanding of Historical Fiction. Creative writing and short, research based writing has been introduced as well.

7th grade students have been focusing on using evidence to support analysis. Students at this grade level are currently reading "Gone", "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children", or "Out of My Mind".

8th grade ELA classes are working on their first literary analysis of the year. Students will work on these essays over the next couple weeks. When they are done, they will have a mock trial for one of the characters in the book.


Sixth grade is continuing our study of geology. Students will be exploring the processes of erosion and deposition as well as topography and landforms. These areas will be studied while focusing the issue of where to build in a coastal community.

Seventh grade has begun its study of the human body. Students will be exploring the digestive, excretory, nervous, muscular, skeletal, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems.

Eighth grade will be studying the physical and chemical properties of substances, elements, and compounds. Students will explore the periodic table and observe chemical reactions.

Social Studies

Sixth grade is beginning their study of ancient Mesopotamia. They are learning about the rise of the civilization--including the geography of the area, beliefs, and accomplishments and achievements of the cultures of Mesopotamia.

Seventh grade is diving into political, physical and human geography of Central and South America. Using these themes of geography, students will learn about countries and cultures in these regions.

Eighth grade is studying the rise and achievements of the Byzantine Empire. They are looking into the political, economic and social developments that took place during this time in medieval Europe.

Physical Education

Students will be completing their unit on dodgeball games. All of the games focus on accuracy, responsibility, and safety.


Students are finishing up the quarter by collecting their artwork to take home. Each student will have a collection of projects from sketches, line drawings, paintings, collage, and more! New classes will start in the art room and students will begin creating name designs with the use of organic and geometric shapes.


Students are learning their first piece by ear in a minor key. They are using their ears to figure out chord changes and break down the melody to their new piece. We are continuing to work on repertoire for their winter concert during morning band rehearsals.


6th Grade students are exploring movement on stage and how to keep the actor visible to the audience. Theatre topics such as "Cheating out," "Upstaging," and "Tableau" (creating frozen images) will be explored.

The focus of 7th grade is the actor's voice. Students will learn about projection and diction and how to use different performance techniques to be successful at both.

The objective of 8th grade drama is to act out "Character Objectives" within a scene. Students with identify a character's wants, the "obstacles" that stand in their way, and the different "Tactics" the characters use to achieve their goals.

October Students of the Month

Congratulations to our Students of the Month!!! These students displayed a wide variety of strong characteristics such as effort, being a leader, and being a good classmate.

Grade 6 Lions - Marco Beshere & Audrey Valys

Grade 6 Jaguars (Weekly) - Robert Noonan & Madison Stiglets, John Rice & Melina Rikkola, Matthew Polino & Julie Cabrera

Grade 7 Falcons - Juan Guauque-Nieves

Grade 7 Wolves - Robert Diaz

Grade 8 Patriots - Robert Floyd

Grade 8 Bruins - Jami Snow

Elk Students of the Month

Grade 6 - Calebe Miguel & Lily Tallent

Grade 7 - Ava Beshere & Manuela Mejia-Yepes

Grade 8 - Ayat Walid & Raphael Camilo Baez

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