Tigerette Times

Week of February 1st - IT'S CONTEST WEEK!!!

Weekly Announcements

  • LHS WDC competition information, procedures, and schedule - The preliminary schedule, info, and procedures are below.

  • LHS WDC Meal Deal - All Tigerettes received an order form on Friday for pre-purchasing a meal at competition (see the photo below). If you plan to purchase a meal, all money and orders are due WEDNESDAY in class. (This is NOT a mandatory thing).

  • Spirit Sister Gift Exchange - Don't forget about your spirit sister gift exchange in class on Friday!!

  • Rehearsals this week - Come to rehearsal with contest hair each day! Contest hair is poof and high pony for all routines. Here is a video or video, if you would like a tutorial!
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Upcoming Calendar Events

Please view the online calendar for a detailed list of all practices and performances.

This Week:

Feb 1 - No School!
Feb 2 - No School!

Feb 3-4 - All Contest Company Rehearsal

Feb 5 - Spirit Sister exchange in class

Feb 6 - Competition!!!!!

LHS Winter Dance Classic Contest Procedures- February 6

General Info for Parents:

-Tickets are $10 at the door. Ages 4 and under are free.

-They will have flowers and fun spirit stuff for sale.

-Shoutouts may be available.

-Concessions are available all day.

-Because of the small size of our team dressing room, parents will not be allowed in our dressing room unless you are a "Team Mom". No males are allowed in the dressing room for ANY reason.

-We want you to show your LMS Tigerette pride! Wear your Tigerettes shirt! :)

-We suggest being in the gym, ready to watch, 30 minutes prior to each of our performances.

-Your Tigerette CAN come say hello to you/hang out with you in the common areas during our down time. Once Ms. Auchey gets the schedule she will be able to identify when those opportunities are.

What time do I need to pick my daughter up? What time will contest be over?

-Our estimated pick up time is 7:00pm.

-After the last performance, Miss High Kick happens, then solo finalists, then the awards ceremony. I will have the girls contact you right after the last performance so you can plan accordingly for pickup. (Girls are not allowed to be on their phones during Miss High Kick, Solo Finalists, or the Awards Ceremony).

- We invite you to stay for the awards ceremony so you can help us cheer loud & snap photos of the girls afterwards!!!!

LHS WDC Preliminary Schedule

* This may change! A finalized version will be emailed out in a special Tigerette Times on Thursday of this week.*

9:00 - Officer and Company Leader Arrival

9:30 - Team Arrival - 8:45 am for lashes.

10:04 - Claribella Solo

10:08 - Natalie Solo

10:12 - Mia Solo

10:16 - Skyler Solo

10:48 - Officer Prop

11:20 - Officer Jazz

12:28 - Officer Contemporary

1:20 - Team Pom

2:24 - Team Hip Hop

4:00 - Team Novelty

4:36 - Company Leaders

7:00 - Dismissal