Parkdale Elementary Weekly Update


This Week...

Dear Staff,

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! A big THANK YOU does not do justice to how hard our teachers work to provide the best for our students. The work you do every day is making such an incredible difference in our community and the world. I feel so fortunate to be a part of this amazing team of educators. THANK YOU!

Here are a few updates for the week...

Hiring Updates - Our interview committee of Shannon, Debbie, Kathleen, Mara, Rosie, and I will be interviewing candidates for our three positions on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Chinese Acrobats Assembly on Monday in the Gym - Please plan to wait for the announcement to be released to the gym. The announcement will come around 1:10 and the assembly will begin at 1:15. The assembly will not go longer than 40 minutes and should be more engaging for everyone than our last assembly.

See below for some important information on school improvement committee work opportunities.

Have a great week!


PDES Committee Work

Our plates are full and our school days are filled with giving all of ourselves to educating our students. As we talked about in our last staff meeting, we just don't get enough time to collaborate and plan for instruction. There are a few things we have discussed that would be great to do some collaborating around and I'm hopeful that some of you may be interested in working on these things this summer for a few hours.

Here are the topics. Please let me know if you are interested in doing some work at the curriculum rate on one or more of these this summer:

Second Steps - Adopting a Scope and Sequence

Teaching with Poverty in Mind - Developing a list of best practice strategies and some professional development for staff

Arts Integrated Programing at PDES - Researching successful programs and exploring how it might be applied at Parkdale.

Native Language Literacy - Research is clear on this topic. Best practice for ELLs is a native literacy program that transitions to English by 3rd or even 5th grade. However, as we know, there are many barriers for a program like this, especially in a small school like ours. This work would be focused on reviewing how native language literacy went for us when we did it as a school in the past and then providing a recommendation for our future.

Again, please contact me if you are interested in doing some of this work over the summer.

Collaborative Problem Solving Training with Sue Jepson

Tuesday, May 10th, 3:30-4:30pm

Holly's Room

This class on Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) with Sue Jepson is a great opportunity to learn more about how to deal with challenging students. The CPS process incorporates what we know about the importance of relationships when helping students work through difficult situations and poor decisions. This strategy for managing student conflict and misbehavior goes well with our Growth Mindset work. Please see Sue or Gus for more information. Please see Holly for help signing up.

Growth Mindset at Parkdale Elementary

The Growth Mindset strategy of the week this week is...

· Know that every experience and relationship matters

Other ideas that we came up with as a staff are linked below

Teaching the Mountaineer Expectations: Month 2, Week 1


At our school, we all work hard to be the best learners we can be. One skill for learning is to listen with attention. When we listen with attention, our eyes are watching the speaker, our ears are listening, our voices are quiet, and we’re still. This week, practice being a great listener every day!

Events This Week...

This Week:

Monday 5/2

Teacher Appreciation Week

Kindergarten Round-Up All Week

1:15 PM – Chinese Acrobats All School Assembly

2:20 PM - BEST Meeting

Tuesday 5/3

Interviews - Shannon, Rosie, Debbie, Kathleen, Mara, Gus

2:15 – 3:15 PM - Ukulele (Grades 4 – 5 ONLY)

2:15 PM – BEST Meeting

Wednesday 5/4

Interviews - Shannon, Rosie, Debbie, Kathleen, Mara, Gus

7:00 AM - Safety Meeting

Student Motivation Meeting - 2:20 pm - See Holly

Thursday 5/5

Garrett Apland Subbing for Gus

Darla, Kristi, and Gus out for required 21st CCLC Conference

Friday 5/6

GREEN DAY – AM Anna Osborn / PM Tech

Garrett Apland Subbing for Gus

Darla, Kristi, and Gus out for required 21st CCLC Conference

2:15 PM – Reading Intervention Meeting

Upcoming Dates

· 5/9 Book Fair Week

· 5/9 2:20 PM – IEP Meeting

· 5/10 2:20 PM PBIS Committee - Sischo’s RM

· 5/10 3:15 – 4:15 Collaborative Problem Solving Class – Holly’s RM

· 5/11 2:25 PM – Staff Meeting

· 5/11 6:30 PM – School Board Meeting at Parkdale

· 5/11 6:00 -6:45 PM – Kindergarten Story Time

· 5/13 Tasting Table - Mushrooms

Have a great week!!

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