Baylor University

Crystal Rubio

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Baylor Mascot

Location: 1311 S 5Th St. Waco, Texas.

Mascot : Baylor Bears.

Campus Programs

  • Greek Life
  • Student Organization
  • Service and learning.
  • Baylor student union


tuition would be 17,073 with out parking, meal plans, Residence hall room.

Adding that would be 21,920.

Meal Plans

-Unlimited: 2,718.16 This plan allows you to have unlimited meals at anytime in any residential hall.

-The Block 225: 2,175.05 225 all you can eat meals / semester $75 dining dollars. with the block 225, the amount of meals you use per week is unlimited. You can eat multiple meals during a single meal period at any residential location at anytime during the week.

-The Works: 2,164.33- 16 all you care to eat/ week 100$ dining dollars. If three square meals a day is your style, the works will add connivence and variety to your life!

-The classic: 2,010.82 -11 All You Care To Eat/Week 150$ dining dollars. for those who skip meals .

Qualification median range

  • SAT- 1130-1300
  • ACT 24-29


  • Enrolled: 15,029
  • undergraduate : 12, 575