Origami Owl's 1st Incentive Trip

Cabo 2014

Blah Blah Blah...

I know you ladies might be sick of me sharing about Cabo but I am by no means bragging. I want to share my experience with you and I want YOU to be with me on the next trip!! I want you to be thinking in your head "Damn! I am so going next time!" My words and pictures cannot do it enough justice as to how amazing this trip was. My fiance and I still feel like we lived in a dream for 4 days!

**Picture was a view from our room**

Ahhhh... PARADISE!

That is all I can say about this trip. From the minute we checked in we were pampered by O2 staff and the resort staff. Drinks handed to us the minute we got out of our taxi and a O2 bag full of goodies! We went from that to having a delicious breakfast with the most beautiful view of the ocean and whales out in the distance jumping in and out of the water. We then enjoyed a couples massage on the beach and let me tell you if you ever have the opportunity to do this... DO IT! Being in the warm heat and hearing the waves getting an amazing massage...nothing beats it! We did pay for this but it was something we wanted to do and now we could do it right on the beach :)

The rest of the day was free time until Dinner. Origami Owl hosted a welcome fiesta where we were served some awesome authentic Mexican food, got to see and meet all of the top executives-including the 2 investors that helped Bella's dream come true and were given more O2 goodies, and of course a dance party!

Saturday was the day for our excursions paid and given to us by O2. My fiance got to go and play a round of golf at an amazing resort and I got to go swim with dolphins!!! Let me tell you that was the most amazing thing I have ever done!! I am still waiting to get my pictures. The rest of Saturday was at our leisure. So we soaked up the sun and mingle and met with amazing Origami Owl designers from all over! Met and talked for a long time with Marty Miller (O2's first male director) and his fiance Heather (Director as well). They were so motivating and inspiring! Love meeting them both and glad to now call them my friends :)

Sunday we had a Pay it Forward meeting where we got to talk to all the executives and who ever wanted go to tell their O2 stories and how they pay it forward. HOLY TEARS!!! (if you are going to conference bring tissues! I hear it is just as if not more emotional.) I met and talked to so many different designers and we all have out own stories but some are just unbelievable! Stories that O2 is paying for their adoption of twins, a women's $2000 she had saved to start her O2 business stolen from her wallet at Walmart and her "angle" saw it all happen and saw where he threw her wallet after he knew he was caught, homeless women who is now an O2 director, one bought her house in cash, a designer that earned her trip to Cabo and only started selling in OCTOBER (Cabo points were from July-November), and to see how many ladies were there that were at Designer status not STL or above. HUGE kudos to them they earned Cabo all by them self they didn't have a team to help them with points , they did it solely on their own sales!! That truly means ANYONE can go to on the incentive trips. You just have to want it and work your business :)

Meeting Chrissy Weems (Bella's Mom), Robin Crossman (CEO) and all the other executives was another amazing part of this trip. After meeting Bella at Chicago Soar its no guess as to where she gets the way she lives life from. Her mom Chrissy is so motivating and inspiring and I am soo blessed to be apart of her and Bella's dream. You will never meet a more Genuine, Real, Caring, Full of LOVE for us Designers and her employees at the Nest! She encouraged us all to memorize if we hadn't already OUR MISSION STATEMENT and repeat it daily. IT IS.....To be a Force for good, to LOVE, inspire + motivate people of all ages to reach their dreams + empower them to make a difference in the LIVES OF OTHERS!!! Chrissy and Bella EMBODIES this wholeheartedly everyday and wants us too as well!

After our little meeting we had the whole rest of the day to enjoy. We spent the day lounging at the pool and eating lunch on the beach with my two new best buds and their hubbies until our closing dinner. They threw us a Dinner Party on the beach, that rivals and Wedding I have ever been too! We were served amazing food, called up on stage one by one to be recognized for our hard work, given a locket, bracelet, exclusive Cabo dangle, and danced the night away with a live band! Each night when we got back to our room we were welcomed by love notes and more O2 goodies!

This trip was a trip of a life time and I am so thankful to Origami Owl, my mentor, my team members, my customers, and my family! With out any of that this trip would not have been earned by me! My only regret about this trip is that my team was not with me! The next incentive trip will be announced at conference in July and I can only assume it will be as good if not better! I hope all of us are there :) For now join me at Convention and register asap tickets are going FAST!! https://www.regonline.com/register/checkin.aspx?EventID=1263086

Lauren Stevens

Senior Team Leader 24751

***Please do not share any Smore Fliers I make with the public. They are for training purposes and Origami Owl Designers only. Thank You :)