Showcasing the Pride of Methacton

November 2019

Feature of the Month: Math Program

As part of our monthly “Showcasing the Pride of Methacton” newsletter, the Methacton School District is pleased to feature the Math Program in this November edition.

Methacton School District offers many curricular and activity-based Math programming options that appeal to student interests and challenge students academically. Keeping with our strong tradition of academic excellence and best practice, our Math program in Kindergarten through grade 12 provides the rigor that addresses fundamental skills for success in life and work while providing honors and AP options for student’s college and career aspirations.

Math Program

Mathematics is at the center of all that we do -- and have done -- throughout history. It is rooted in the scientific method and substantially supports problem-solving in our highly technical lives. At Methacton, math is an integral part of our music, science, and engineering programs, and exists in varied capacities within the numerous subject areas and professions that our students will encounter in their lives.

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And, if nothing else, our Math program provides all students with analytical development and the ability to question facts and conduct a proper investigation in order to learn the truth about the world around us.

Our teachers provide an outstanding array of opportunities for learning that leverage real-world purpose for not only the how, but the why mathematical formulas such as the Pythagorean Theorem are so important and useful in life and work.

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In terms of student performance in Mathematics, as an example, Methacton students regularly outperform their peers in Pennsylvania and nationally. This accomplishment is attributed to the quality of our teaching staff and the cooperative relationship between parents and teachers and their coordinated efforts to empower, encourage, and inspire students to achieve at the highest levels.