Alcatraz Weekly

Mar 12, 2014

Weekly Discussion Topics

Evacuation generally went well. Thank you everyone for helping out with that. A couple things to improve for next time. There was some confusion among visitors about who we were asking to leave on the first boat and who could stay on the second boat. Next time we stop visitors at Water tower and have people below water tower leave first. Then sweep cell house for second boat. Also need to have contractors sign in/out to make sure we know they have left. One suggestion is to put a marker at the Model Industries so we know if researchers are in the building.

Interp Training RESCHEDULED: I have August 13-15 dialed in for the facilitative dialogue workshop. By that time we should have good information together on both the Ai Wei Wei art, the sites of the exhibits, and the AZ prisoners of conscience.

USGS on island: to finish up their monitoring for the AC34 report. It will again be Tanya Graham who will be posted at the Parade Ground overlook. The dates are Sunday, April 6th. Tanya will also be out by eagle plaza on Wednesday, March 12 and Wednesday, April 9th. She'll be taking the staff boat.

Kelly wanted to thank everybody for their help with Junior Ranger Days. Thanks especially to everyone who gave special programs and all the volunteers who came out, they were a big help! We handed out over 300 books and scavenger hunts, so way more participation this time around. Thanks for all the help and enthusiasm! The next Junior Ranger Days will be in November.

STAFF: Please remember to close the door to the office when they leave at the end of the day. We again had some visitors wandering into the offices.

Reminder that OT forms do need to be filled out for SPUG events. SPUG sends them over for me. They only need to be filled out if there was OT/Comp used for a non-spug event.

Gasoline delivery is starting soon this week. If you notice a vehicle low on gas, please let John known and he will prioritize filling with Jeff. Any vehicles that need gas, need to be on dock on Gas Day. Jeff and Max to work on a schedule and will let the rest of us know.

Congratulations: Kelly and Wendy to go to NAI: Chico.

Ai Wei Wei Exhibit Update:

a. Completed: Fence behind NIB, NIB guard gallery clean up, visual barriers are up in NIB and to be replaced with better ones.

b. Compliance: Received Tina Bishop Historic Structures Report Recommendations include: new grates in guard gallery, fire and safety (exit signs, steps, NIB and Hospital handrails), plexiglass, secure bathroom door, photo recordation (NIB, Cellblock A, Hosp).

c. Visitation/Ticketing – Difficult to estimate demand. Group sales to set aside and handle For Site group requests. Adding tickets still being considered but no plan yet. Ticketing procedures to be written up. Considering surcharge for special morning tours handled through For-Site.

d. Interpretation: Completed initial signage and visitor flow walk through. Still needed: decisions on flow patterns, signage locations, signage language, staffing plan. Interpretive training material started. Facilitative dialogue training scheduled for 14-16. Filming for accessible video to be done on island 3/21 with Greg Moore, Frank Dean. Communications team working on talking points

e. Misc. other to dos: Clear out Cell Block A and NIB of materials and old interpretive displays. LOA: still in draft.

Morning Rove barriers are missed. Need to inform Execushield that barricades on west road should get opened up during morning rove. Wendy to let Execushield staff know.

Andrew from Trails Stewardship was shadowing out on the island. Welcome to Alcatraz.

Congratulations to Kenny for getting a job at China Camp State Park.

Health and Safety

Ambulance is up and running again with a new battery. If anyone still needs to be trained on loading/unloading the gurney, please let Matt Eng know.

Do you know where are the island’s AEDs are? 1. Dock office, 2. ambulance, 3. cell house gurney, 4. under stairs in cell house shower room, 5. NIB, 6 Staff Offices.

Visitor Comments

3/3 “We were able to catch Stan I believe, an older gentleman with white hair give details of attempted Escapes from Alcatraz. He was really knowledgable, entertaining and very in tune with his audience. He is a must see! ”

3/2 “We've really enjoyed Ranger John's presentation for the Junior Ranger talk. He was engaging, fun and really personable with both kids and adults. His involvement made our visit really fun. We also found the crew of our return 2 pm boat from Alcatraz to San Francisco very friendly. Especially Drew -- he responded to kids questions and was really approachable. ”

3/2 “Jim our initial tour host on the island was very kind when my daughter asked about the water tower and Indians. He thoughtfully explained to my 9 year old about the Indians and did not dismiss her interest in this event. Additionally he explained we could find more info on this as the gift shops. I appreciated the time and positive attitude he exhibited to our family. ”

3/2 “Tour guide (I think his name was Jim) was the the best! Very knowledgeable of ecapes. Was very enthusiastic. Made subject very interesting. Very professional!”

3/6 “The guided your by the male park ranger (aprox 55 years of age), who swam from Alcatraz to the SF) really made the tour special for us, bringing alive the history and setting some of the movies straight :-). Please pass on our thanks.”

3/7 “As a disabled person I appreciated the preboarding at both docks. Everyone at pier 33, the ferry personnel and the park ranger (Wendy Solis) were so friendly, helpful and professional. It was a marvelous experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting the area. Thank you so much!”

3/7 “WENDY was Excellent when we did the ranger tour at 12 - great escapes.”

3/8 “I've been to San Fran many times. However I didn't want to invest 3 - 4 hours in Alcatraz during those past trips. This trip I had more time and it was worth every minute. The African American park ranger who talked about the escaped convicts was engaging and so informative from an historical perspective. The audio tour was excellent. From Minneapolis, MN. ”

Upcoming Leave (Annual, Sick, Off-Site Training)

27-29 Mar Carla to Wedding.

11-17 May Marcus Training Travel (Wash. DC)

Calendar of Events

2/28/14 Steve Johnson’s Civil War Group: 10-2pm. Group 1.

50 students & chaperones on 10 am ferry to Alcatraz
Met by volunteers Steve J. and Paul for orientation and introduction Group split in half: one group does architecture and cannon drill (45 min), the other group does soldier uniform and duties, weapons (musket and bayonet), walk through the Civil War tunnel (45 min). Then the groups switch. 90 minutes total
Group boards 11:30 boat back to Pier 33.

2/29/14 Steve Johnson’s Civil War Group: 10-2pm. Group2
50 students & chaperones on 12 pm ferry to Alcatraz
Met by volunteers Steve J. and Paul for orientation and introduction
Group split in half: one group does architecture and cannon drill (45 min), the other group does soldier uniform and duties, weapons (musket and bayonet), walk through the Civil War tunnel (45 min). Then the groups switch. 90 minutes total
Group returns to dock for Q & A, and to fill out survey questions
Group boards 2:00 boat back to Pier 33.

3/1 and 3/2/14: Junior Ranger Days (Ranger Kelly).

3/1 Request for BTS Tour from Michael Dyke - My chief forwarded this to me. A Chief form our headquarters will be out on Alcatraz at about 1100 on March 1. They already have tickets but were wondering if they could get a behind the scenes tour from a ranger or even a volunteer when they are there. If staff or docent is available only.

3/9/14 Frank Dean’s niece, Victoria, on 10:30 boat with Girls Scout troop 32504. There are 9 girls and 3 adult leaders who are able to go. Need a ranger to give a special greeting and Q&A.

3/11/14 Cell House Admin Offices construction

3/20/14 PWR Conference Call on Climate Change.

3/28-29/14 Bio-Blitz. All hands on deck to help out throughout the park.

4/8-10 Meeting: A Visitor Use Management and Monitoring program for MUWO and Alcatraz. Marcus

4/5/14 Living History Day.

4/12/14 “In the Kitchen with a Knife” will be performed on Alcatraz (Hospital) by the Poetic Justice Project. Show at 2:00. On island by 12:00 The group was here before in 2011 when they worked with WePlayers. They are now working with the William James Association who is organizing the next exhibit for the Band Room. The play is a 1 hour murder mystery with audience participation. All of the actors are former inmates from CDC. For more information see:

5/17-18/14 Storytelling workshop: Benny, Kelly, Wendy, Carla, Lori.

9/27/14 Ai Wei Wei Opening

10/4/14 Living History Day

11/8 and 9 Junior Ranger Day

Exhibit Calendar

Band Room:

3/1 – 8/14/13: San Quentin Prison Arts Project: Telling our stories.

9/1/14 – April 30: Ai Wei Tentative

5/15 – 9/15 Tentative: Community Works West

10/15 – 5/16 Art Explorers, Inc. Alcatraz Inmates paintings by Charles Unser.

New Industries:

3/21 – 8/28/14 Anniversary of Prison Closing Exhibit

9/1/14 – April 30: Ai Wei New Industries.

7/15 – 12/15 Tentative: Prisoners of Age* by Ron Levine

Bldg 64 Casemates:

4/28 - ? Native Nationalism and Red Power: Historicizing the 1969 Alcatraz Occupation venue: Building 64/Theater/China Alley AZ lead: Teresa

Other Exhibits

9/1/14 – April 30: Ai Wei Hospital.

Fall 2015 Proposed: We Players "Hamlet".

Date TBD California College of the Arts Graduate Seminar. Artists on island at various time. Exhibits at various locations at end of Graduate Seminar. Lead: Patrick Gillespie.


Closures (Updated 2/13/14): Off limits areas include: Cell House Roof, Citadel, QM Lower Level, Bldg 64. Upper floors, area past cable by power house. Also, Kitchen and Hospital Psych rooms.

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