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Newsletter about a touchy subject

Difficult times, difficult process for Family and Friends (Family Factors)

Families and friends suffer greatly when death occurs to a loved one. It can be a very serious and stressful situation. Some things to do when a loved one passes away:

- Staying strong

- Stick with family

- Talk about the events that happened

- Grieving (normal process that happens in these types of situations)

- Support system (be there for each other)

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Organ Donation?

Organ donation is greatly appreciated. When we pass on, we may want our remains to be sent off and used for science, or for donation to other people who might be in need of organs. Who knows, we might save a life. For more information on organ donation, please visit the following website:

Funeral for Erik Hudok

Monday, Dec. 1st, 11am-3pm

Wyandotte, MI, United States

Wyandotte, MI

Funeral for Erik Hudok:

Where: Czopek Funeral Home, Wyandotte, MI (48192)

Date: December 1, 2014

Time: 11am - 3pm

Call (123)-456-7890 for more information.

Individual Factors

When facing a funeral for individuals, they may feel all alone, and may also feel like they are the only ones going through any significant emotional pain. "For some, healing and adjusting to life again is a journey that takes time and support from others to make it happen. For others, there is no healing or closure, but instead they learn to live with their feelings of pain, hurt and emptiness" (Center for Grief, Loss, & Transition, 2014). If you are feeling unsure about your feelings and emotions, it might be best to talk things over with a friend or family member.

Cultural Factors

Culture takes a big role in death and dying. People believe in all different kinds of beliefs and religions, and everyone's opinions are all different. Respect people's beliefs. There are people that believe that our soul will reach up to heaven or down into Hell, or that we may be reborn into a whole different type of life. "Death and grief being normal life events, all cultures have developed ways to cope with death in a respectful manner, and interfering with these practices can disrupt people’s ability to cope during the grieving process" (Carteret, 2010). Planning for a funeral for each culture may be unique, and also different. The grieving process for each culture may also be different and unique from one another. For example, Christians could have a service, and have a burial ceremony (FuneralSpot, 2002).

Economic Factors

The economy is in tough times at the moment. A lot of things are really expensive right now. One of those things include a funeral. Funerals are very expensive, and sometimes, family members might not be able to afford a funeral for their deceased loved one. "It’s a sad reality that many families and individuals have to deal with, but the truth is that when many people pass away, their family members or close friends struggle to afford the funeral" (Khalfani-Cox, 2011). Sometimes, other family members and friends that were close to the deceased individual might have to chip in to pay for the funeral costs. It's sad and unfortunate, but happens a lot. But, there may also be other alternatives to paying for the funeral. There could be lower cost-options when it comes to the burial process. "Cremating someone is usually less expensive than burying the individual in a casket or vault. If your state doesn’t require embalming the body, consider a “green burial” where you don’t have to pay for a vault, headstone or expensive caskets" (Khalfani-Cox, 2011). Try looking into other options that are available for you and your family.


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