Dietary Guidelines Do for Americans

Keisha G.

Dietary Guideline and more

1a.) health risk is like having problems like heart disease and some cancers

b.) Diet is an eating plan

2a.) Age,gender, Activity level, whether you tr trying to gain,maintain ,or lose weight

b.) Nutrient-dense food: is a food that provides high amount of vitamins and minerals for relatively few calories

3a.) Risk factor : condition that increases your chances of developing a problem

b.) Diabetes,Heart Disease, High blood pressure , some types of cancer, and Arthis are conncet to having health problems of too much body fat

c.) Health for being under weight is also a health risk, because a person doesn't have much body fat as an energy to reserve

d.) excersie more often and get into sports or a gym

-Teens should aviod drinking because it can affct or influence , and your judgement or it can lead to accidents exmaple a car crash