Hopes and Dreams for the Future

Supporting Families in 68504

What is Community Response

Community Response (CR) provides support, advocacy, and real time action with famiies who find themselves needing assistance with parenting, work, food, housing, social and emotional support and other real life issues!

What A Community Resource Partner Can Do:

  • Listen and build a relationship with your family
  • Build on your family’s strengths
  • Assists you in developing decision making and life skills capacity
  • Build your parenting muscle to support your children's success in school and life
  • Build lasting connections to your neighborhood, school and community


  • CEDARS: Kristina Hagan (Hartley, Culler, or Riley) Family Services:
  • Sherri Beldin (Huntington, Dawes, Riley)
  • General: CEDARS Emily Wesseln 402-904-3253