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October 17, 2016; #PWBest


This week of conferences also brings some fantastic opportunities to partner with parents and get on the same page. Here are a couple ideas to focus on shared from the Harvard Family Research Project.

  1. A two-way conversation. The parent–teacher conference is not only an opportunity for parents to learn from you, but for you to learn from them. Nobody knows your students better than their families. Their insights into their child’s strengths and needs, learning styles, and nonschool learning opportunities can help you improve your instructional methods. Your efforts to better understand their aspirations and perspectives make parents feel respected and build trust with them.
  2. Emphasis on learning. You can make the most of parent–teacher conferences, and other forms of family involvement, by “linking them to learning.” This means bringing events and communication back to a discussion of strategies to support student learning. You can arm parents with knowledge and suggestions for how to help their children learn.
  3. Opportunities and challenges. We all need praise and constructive criticism to grow. All parents are proud of their children and need to hear about their strengths as well as their challenges from you. This helps show parents that you value the unique strengths of their children and have high expectations for their ability to succeed in school and in life.

Most importantly, let's remember that these parents entrust their most prized possession to us - their children. At the end of conference, every parent wants to know that we care about helping their child succeed. If all else fails, let them know you are on their side. Have an awesome conference week!

This Week's Events

Monday, October 17, 2016

8:20 - 9:20 IEP (Pipkin)

9:45 - 10:45 IEP (Heiser)

11:00 - 12:00 IEP (Pagano)

1:14 Early Release - Parent Conferences

2:30 - 3:30 SST (Muzzy)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

1:14 Early Release - Parent Conferences

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

1:14 Early Release - Parent Conferences

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Great Shakeout Earthquake Drill

8:25 - 8:30 Morning announcement

1:14 Early Release - Parent Conferences

Friday, October 21, 2016

1:14 Early Release - Parent Conferences


Homecoming Parade

I talked with another Vice-Principal of the High School today to lobby for a changed time for the parade so our kids could attend. He will let me know this week. If they can move the time up, I will let you all know.

Report Card Timeline

Trimester 1: Scores in illuminate by classroom teacher and itinerant teachers - November 10; Report Cards sent home -vNovember 18

Trimester 2: Scores in illuminate by classroom teacher and itinerant teachers - March 10; Report Cards sent home during conference-March 13

Trimester 3: Scores in illuminate by classroom teacher and itinerant teachers- May 26; Report Cards sent home -June 1


Our kitchen staff does an amazing job. Every day our students enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables and are able to get breakfast, lunch, and snack. Fruits and vegetables are free, but everything else has a cost. The cafeteria sells food. Students on free and reduced lunch get free food for lunch and breakfast. However, some have raised questions about the cost of snack. If any student wants snack, they can have fruit and vegetables for free or pay the $.50 to $.75 for a muffin, cereal, or bar.

Sack Lunches for Field Trips

If you need sack lunches for field trips, please give the kitchen 10 days notice. Without this prior notice, they may not be able to accommodate the request.

Common Sense Media

At the beginning of the year we received time to plan the 5 digital citizenship lessons we need to teach at each grade level. We were asked to teach these lessons in the first trimester. If you have not taught these lessons, please take a look at them and schedule them into your lesson plans.

Lab Issues

Many of us have been experiencing issues in the lab. This summer we moved the lab over to wireless. The vendor was positive that they could accommodate the bandwidth, and it would save us money. However, it has not been working well. Most of our problems in the lab are because of the wireless setup. IT will be working with the vendor to fix this problem. If they cannot fix it, IT will request the lab get new wiring with ethernet cables.

Tech Coach: Amber Williams

Amber Williams will have "office hours" at Prestwood on Monday, November 7. This means that she will be in the staff room doing work and is available to talk with you or help out in any way with your technology needs.

On the Horizon

10/17-10/21 Parent Conferences

10/26 Picture Re-take day

10/26 School Site Council

10/29 Prestwood Halloween Parade

10/31 No Students - Professional Development Day

11/3 School Assembly

11/7 PTO Meeting

11/11 No School - Veterans Day

11/21-11/25 No School - Thanksgiving Holiday

11/30 School Site Council Meeting

12/1 School Assembly

12/5 PTO Meeting

12/26-1/6 No School - Winter Break

1/12 School Assembly

2/2 School Assembly

3/2 School Assembly

4/4 School Assembly

5/4 School Assembly

5/30 School Assembly