Reign Paradise

congo jungle


To live in a calm place. No violence or harm

membership policy

first we will do a background check. Then we will be choosing 150 people.After we will be testing them to see if they can survive in the jungle.
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Mission statement

it will make everyone have a calm state of mind. We will succeed without a bad world. we will succeed with the environment and its true colors.


Each family will have to pay a feed of $300 dollars in cash. Each family is only allowed to have at least 4 people in each family.


we will go hunting for animals but only once in awhile so we won't decrease the animal population. We will also will be making our own greenhouse so we can grow crops and the greenhouse could also keep out animals that are trying to intrude.


we will have solar panels on top of our houses. Each house will be made by our community.We will also have nice landscape. like i said we will go hunting and grow our own crops. clothing: Each person will bring at least one suitcase of clothing and products like lotion, shampoo,conditioner,deodorant, and ect.


trail walks, tree house building, small pond, zip lining, music, make our own games, climbing vines, TV for children.


we will be having radios so we can see what is happening in our society. we can also have house phones just in case of in emergency. And each family will be given a cell phone. We will be having WiFi.


we will be having a medical house for the the community. we will have medicine doctors and more.

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