The Refrigerator

It brings the cold to you!!

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●Will preseve your food longer

●No salt needed!

●No need to smoke or dry your meats!

●No need to dry your fruit!

Oliver Evans

Oliver Evans came up with the design but it wasnt built until 10 decades later.

Born in delaware September 13, 1755 he died April 15, 1819.

In 1801 he turned his attention to steam power and built the first high pressure steam engine.

The Refrigerator

The design was made by Oliver Evans but it wasn't built until 1834

Also this type of refrideration is used for air conditioning in warehouses, frozen storage and refrigerated trucks.

The first fridge wasnt built by Oliver Evans it was built by his colleague Jacob Parkins.

Jacob Parkins

Built the first fridge

His collegue was Oliver Evans

He was a physicist and a mechanical engineer

Worked on steam power with Oliver Evans.


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    Feb 8 1748

    First known artificial refrigerator


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    Feb 8 1805

    Oliver Evans designed the refrigeration machine

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    Feb 8 1834

    Jacob Perkins built the first refrigeration machine to be used for house hold purposes using a vapor compression cycle