Life of Stars

By: Eli Ward

Interstellar Medium

Interstellar Medium is the space in between stars. Also called outer space. It is made of gas which amounts to 99% of interstellar Medium and dust.


A state in which opposing forces are balanced. In this case the force 1 gravity which is pulling in and 2 gas pressure pushing out.

Life cycle of a star


White Dwarf/ Black Hole

Low Mass Stars
These star will become planetary nebula or a big gas formation. It will shrink and become a white dwarf. But it will not collapse thanks to the help of Electrons.

Medium Mass Stars
These stars turn into a neutron star and then supernova happens. And thanks to the Neutrons it will it collapse either.

Massive stars
They on the other hand totally collapse and become a black hole. On the way there it might for a moment become a neutron star but only for a little while.


A stars light is very powerful. Just think of the sun, if the earth was just a little but close we would die of heat. A stars light can tell a lot about the star. Like the sun again we know the temperature, composition, and velocity.

The Doppler
For example if you were in Boston on a night of a bruins game and you drove by. When you were right in front it would be loud (only in the beginning of this season because they stink right now and nobody want to cheer for them ) and when you start driving away it would start getting fainter and fainter until you would not be a blessing to here it. In the star world if a star starts moving away it is redshift. If it starts moving towards us it is Blueshift.

The origin

Where do elements come from?
Star come from 5 major groups- big bang, supernova, large stars, small stars, and cosmic rays. For example Hydrogen comes from big bang. Iron comes from supernova /large star. Nitrogen comes from