Jackson High Times

Winter Formal

Winter Formal is a time for fun and partying, a time to dress up and have a good time. This Winter Formal was much different. A perfect disaster, the winter formal started out perfectly, young couples taking pictures in the falling fake snow. Then, when one of the new girls took her picture, a bucket of fake snow accidentally mixed with the water was poured instead of just the fake snow, starting a fight. Then, as one of the students walked up the steps, her dress got caught on something and ripped up, exposing her underwear! As if that was not enough, the lights started to blow, and sparks flew across the gymnasium! Students everywhere were screaming and running around in the pandemonium. This year's winter formal will be one to remember!

The Jackson High Angels

In response to fears about the safety of our students, Jackson High has officially started a club for the safety and welfare of our students, called the Jackson High School Angels! It is aimed at keeping our school safe, by reporting acts of violence and unusual behavior anywhere around the school. It has recruited the majority of the student body, so now many watchful eyes are watching over Jackson High School, reporting any suspicious behavior that could possibly cause any harm to our students. Students witnessing any strange behavior or who just want to enroll in the club should see Mrs. Lincoln. Now, students can walk the halls with peace of mind and have fun in their classes without any worries!