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January Newsletter


My intention for this team is too create a group of like minded people who want to incorporate natural medicine into their everyday lives. When I enrolled with doterra I had no experience with natural medicine or essential oils. Fortunately, I enrolled with some of my good friends and we began this journey together. If I didn’t have that support group I would have never used half of my oils. I had the silliest questions. We shared our experiences and learned together. If you desire this as well. Join our Essential Hawaii Facebook Group and journey with us.

We’ll show you how to get your money’s worth out of your oils!

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As a Wholesale Member you have two ways to order product: by placing a standard order or a Loyalty Rewards Order. A standard order is a one- time order. A Loyalty Rewards Order is a re-occurring monthly order that can be customized, adjusted or cancelled at any time.

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Compare the benefits of placing a loyalty rewards order to a standard order: A standard order gives you a 25% wholesale discount. A loyalty rewards order gives you the same 25% wholesale discount along with many other benefits like free product credits, additional discounts on popular products, free product of the month, shipping costs in free product credits and qualify to receive income.

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