My Canadian Teen Culture


Core Value

Some of my core values are my family, my friends, dance, Tim Hortons these are some of my core values because they are very important to me and I am happy because they are always there for me. I especialy like dance because it is o0ne the sports that you can release your emotion in a none hurtful way.
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the languge is not a very big part in family we speak english and some times we will speak but thats only when there helping me with french we all speak english but I am quarter german.


Some important artifacts for me is tv, my iphone, and my tablet and also dance these are important to me because if I did not have them I don't know what I would do. Also my family is big in hockey i dont play it but I do watch it alot.

Customs and Traditions

Some traditions that we do is Christmas, Easter, birthday's, we also stand for O Canada. We do not go to church I also dont have a religion which means I can belive anything I want to.