Peek at the Week

3/23/15- Happy Spring!


This Week

Tuesday, 3/24- LaResha Martin observing BAL with Chelsea (Wong & Granda)

Weds. 3/25- Stop Waste Assembly- K-2 8:35-9:20 and 3-5 9:30-10:15

Weds. 3/25- PD (See details below)

Thursday, 3/26- Chelsea & Linda at Sequoia doing Instructional Rounds until 12:15 (Smith & Miller in charge)

Friday, 3/27- SST Day

Looking Ahead

3/30- BAL Visit to Think College Now & Korematsu (Miller, Wong, Brouhard, Ross, Smith, Anderson, Sullivan)

3/30-1:40 Professional Development on Conferring with Brett Tankersley

4/2 & 4/3 Shortened Days for Parent Conferences

4/2- 4:30 pm Interim Housing Committee Meeting (Wong, Ratto, Morgan, Toller)

Friday, 5/1- Science Fair


Thanks to...

-Mr. Ross, Mrs. Wong, and Mr. Witte for sharing their Reader's Workshop time with Glenview colleagues!

-Ms. Jacobsen, Ms. Brouhard & Mr. Alexander for coming to the PTA meeting last week to give an update on OEA and provide input on the school plan/budget process

-Mr.Miller for leading the SBAC training last Weds for grades 3-5.

-Mr. Wolfe and Ms. Sullivan for sharing their math instructional time with math visitors from Central Office last week

Teaching & Learning

Weds. PD

Mindfulness & Movement: (Ms. Smith)

Topic: Informing ELA Instruction with Data (Mr. Alexander)

Bring: Your class set of F & P Reading Records, Continuum of Literacy Learning (everyone has a copy of this in their F & P Benchmark Assessment Kit)

What's in a Name?

I've heard many of you calling your literacy block, "F & P". F&P stands for Fountas and Pinnell which is the name of the corporation that created the assessment we are using. It's comparable to saying, "We are doing Scholastic Time"

Schools throughout the United States are using a balanced literacy model and might be using other assessments. F & P is not the name of the instructional model.

Here's some terms that make more sense and will help us to create consistent vocabulary from room to room. This way when students leave your classroom, they will already understand some of the routines during these times of day.

Leveled Books (these are the books in your tubs that your students read during Reader's Workshop) They are NOT F & P books!

Word Work- this is the phonics instruction you do, currently from the OCR green book, but may be from something else next year. It's NOT Open Court time (again, that's the publisher!)

Reader's Workshop- This is the time when students are reading independently, you might be conferring or "happy sharking" around the room or having a guided reading group . It's NOT Silent Reading (silent reading has no teaching point and the teacher isn't actively involved) or F&P Time

More descriptions and details here about other components:

SRI Data Growth- Celebration

Participation: 97.1%

Percentage of students at or above grade level; 48.4%

Participation: 99.3%

Percentage of students at or above grade level: 55.8%

Our participation rate was the second highest in the district! Thanks for everyone's efforts to get all kids assessed!

Parent Conferences

Shortened days on Thursday, 4/2 and Friday, 4/3 are available for you to meet with parents. If you have not met with parents of students below grade level recently, please plan to set up appointments with those parents during those time slots.

Several teachers have seen huge gains reading and math after meeting with parents and providing them with concrete ways to support their struggling students at home.

Ready to Be a BAL Leader?

This Summer trainers from Teacher's College will be in Oakland to give a one week PD. Focusing on Reading Workshop, this training will be delivered to teams of 5 from each school. These teams will be expected to deliver a condensed version back at their sites during the Fall of 2015-16. If you are interested, please let your site literacy coach/TSA know and tentatively mark your calendar for the week of July 27th - 31st.

Operations & Logistics

Afternoon Rotations

Ms. Anna, Ms. Aja, and Coach Brianna will keep your students until 2:45 on the days you have PLC, but please provide them with a list of where students go (who goes to AT? Learning Spot? parent pick up?). This will help to ensure that students are safe and go where they need to go.

Bulletin Board Spring Cleaning!

It's time to take a little pride in your hallway bulletin board....some are looking a little old, others a little tattered, a few out of season. Please get your bulletin board up to snuff by 4/1 and/or ask for Mrs. Lewis to help you by putting up art (your students could even WRITE about their art and you could post that too).

Your bulletin board can serve to showcase student work, reinforces your instruction (I learned a lot about the anatomy of the human body every time I walked past Litt's body projects), share with the school what you are teaching and learning, and demonstrates the pride that we take in our school.

Early Birds

Last week, I contacted all parents of students who arrived before 8:15am. I noticed that after this contact, there were fewer students on the yard in the am. I will be doing this periodically, please continue to make sure students sit on the tables outside the cafeteria if they are here early so that they are not in the hallways.

Social Emotional Learning & Wellness

Save the Date- Assembly


Weds. 3/25-

Stop Waste Assembly

K-2 8:35-9:20

3-5 9:30-10:15

This is optional...just let me know if you aren't going...

Safety First

Next Drill

Our next "surprise" drill will be an earthquake drill.

1) Drop under the desk and hold on.

2) Exit the building calmly and quietly like a fire drill and wait for directions.

Technology Tidbits