WHY: Respect is a way of treating or thinking about your friends or someone. For example, If you respect your teacher, then you admire him/her and treat him/her well.


* You have a good group of friends

* You are kind to all people and they are kind back to you

* People will mention that you are an awesome friend and person to be around

* You are a true ‘Vogeltowner’!!


Welcome to the end of week 7. What a huge week we have had. It is great to see our school curriculum allow for the strong links we have with our Huatoki domain and the community. Both of these things were celebrated last week with Arbor Day on Thursday in the Huatoki Domain and our Community Hangi on Friday! This is real life/authentic learning at its best - it will be great to see the writing that happens this week as a result!

A huge thanks to the senior team - Ms Pretty, Miss Bleasdale, Mr Ransfield, Mr Bishop and Mr George for all the hard work over Thursday and Friday to make the Hangi a great success - the weather certainly helped! It was great to see so many of our community there for this occasion. Big thanks to Mrs Seed and Bill for their continued work in the domain. If you havre not been down to the domain, go and have a wander - you will see all the new plantings that the greenies and Rm 9 have made there.

This week we have our second week of Life Ed at Vogeltown - a big welcome to Megan Lilley, the teacher of Life Ed. The kids really enjoy their time in the bus with Megan and Harold.

We also celebrate 'Wig Wednesday' which is a day for the kids to wear a wig to school and make a gold coin donation to the Child Cancer fund. As part of this day, the Class Reps have organised everyone to wear their Pyjamas as well! Should be a great day!

Interschool dates:

27 June - vs Woodleigh School (at VS) Games start 11.45am

New Vogeltown Board of Trustees

A big thanks to all who voted in the recent Board of Trustees elections. Thanks also to all thoise who put their name forward to be on the Board, we are lucky to have so parents/caregivers who are interested and willing to give up their time to be on the board.

I am pleased to announce the Vogeltown Board of Trustees elected are:

Steve Venables, Peta Apperley, Mike Miners, Nita Hutchison, Rebecca Williamson

Our Staff representative is Ms Rachel Pretty.

Our first BOT meeting will be on the 24th June at 6pm. At this meeting we will welcome the new BOT and do our election of officers and portfolios.

Thanks again to all those who voted.


Here is some writing from Room 10:

How dinosaurs became extinct and how countries were separated

Long, long ago, before countries were separated, dinosaurs existed. No one liked them because they slaughtered people with their razor sharp teeth and claws and then trampled humans houses down with their horns and clawed feet.

Maui was very angry because for the fifth time this week a man eating T-rex had gulped down all Maui’s fish that he had caught earlier that day. “We must do something to stop these beasts” Maui angrily told his brothers. “Otherwise we will never get a good meal again and humans will become extinct”. Maui’s brothers sadly shook their heads and told him there was nothing he could do. No one could get enough food to feed their families because dinosaurs ate all the food so everyone was hungry and weak and they also had to live in caves and burrows as dinosaurs demolished their homes.

Later that night, Maui couldn’t sleep over the tremendous noise of roaring (most dinosaurs roar all night). So instead of sleeping Maui decided to come up with a plan to get rid of dinosaurs for good. The next mourning Maui was ready to put his plan into action. He sent all of his birds to everyone telling them to get to the highest ground possible. Next he turned into a wood pigeon and flew as high as gravity would allow him. He flew so high that the sky started turning the colour of space. Then Maui dived. He dived faster than the fastest thing on earth. Quickly Maui changed back into human form as he was about to hit the ground he grabbed his magic jawbone from his pocket and raised it above his head, gathered all the strength in his body then smashed his magic jawbone into the earth as hard as he could! The whole galaxy shuddered from the enormous quake. Maui had hit the ground so hard that the land cracked up into different pieces that are now called countries. All the dinosaurs fell into the cracks, that were full of water and drowned. That is how dinosaurs became extinct and how countries were separated.

By Jae Lallu

How The Sky Turned Blue

In the beginning wars were everywhere, the skys were black as all of the gods wanted to be ruler of them all.

Whilst all the gods were fighting a child named Maui was growing up. At the age of five Maui was eager to rule them all. Years past and wars raged on. Soon Maui felt strong enough, so he set out with only his grandfathers jawbone at hand.

Maui’s first battle was against Tanemahuta their battle went on for days each of them taking wounds, bleeding noses, bruised bodies and broken limbs. Then finally Maui made a death sentencing punch that sent Tanemahuta to the ground dead.

Finally after many battles Maui had had enough, so he skyrocketed into the sky and with the force of one million men and threw the jaw bone into the black sky which made a vortex. It sucked the gods to every corner of the universe, at that very moment the sky started getting lighter and lighter until it was light blue. That is how the sky became blue and maori gods got their homes.

Ollie Treadway


Kia ora koutou Vogeltown whanau

Our new team of the Home & School invite you to our get together on 25 June at 7pm (Vogeltown School Staffroom) where we meet in a relaxed environment, have a cuppa and discuss fundraising ideas and how we can help the school, we would love to have some fresh ideas and new parents on board. Don’t be shy, we are a very friendly bunch of parents and teachers!

A special thanks to the parents who helped at the sports exchange, there were some pretty delicious plates provided by our families that went down extremely well by all the children so thank you very much! We do have another sports exchange coming up against Woodeigh on the 27th June, we again will be looking for some parent help from 12ish onwards. This involves setting up the provided food for the after match snack, getting some drinks organised and cleaning up. Many hands make light work!

The end of term is fast approaching which also means the mid winter swim is coming up, the Home & School provide our brave swimmers a warm drink and we are looking for some helpers for this please.

If you are able to help us with the sports exchange, mid winter swim or would like to discuss any ideas you may have, please either flick us an email to vshomeandschool@gmail.com or contact Tania on 027 777 4859.

Enjoy your weekend Whanau

Home & School Team

Jump Jam at the Basketball

On the 4th of July some Vogeltowners are performing at the Mountainairs Basketball game. The game starts at 7pm.

This year the "discounted pass offer" - Adults $10 Children $5 - is extended to anyone from school, who would like to come along to the game and support their Jump Jam team. This includes their families and friends. The winners of the jump jam will be the school that brings the most supporters and makes the most noise for their team once the jump jam has finished. The prize is a SCHOOL DISCO provided by Seismic Events which is the lovely Adrian Elmoose.

Mrs Seed will leave some discounted pass offer slips at the Junior and Senior school offices. They need to bring them back by Monday 1 July.


We had an awesome celebration of Puanga (Matariki) on Friday with our annual hangi! Check out some of the photos below. Thanks everyone for the great donations!


On Thursday we celebrated Arbor day with Bill, Rm 9 and Mrs Seed, the Vogeltown greenies, some of the NPDC, Some of the Huatoki conservation group and ex-Vogeltown greenie students from Highlands. It was an awesome morning - planting new plants along the edge of the Huatoki river. Most of these plants were propagated by the Vogeltown kids during their time at school, so great o be giving back to this area.

A huge thanks to the NPDC, the Huatoki Conservation group, Mrs Seed and Bill who made this such an awesome morning and event! Tu Meke - Manaaki Whenua!


We have a massive amount of lost property at the senior school! Currently we have 3 large rubbish bags full. We will try and put this out on the court on fine days for the kids to look at. If you think your child might be missing some clothing, then come and have a look through the lost property. At the end of the term we send the lost property to the Salvation Army.

Thanks, Mr Mac.


Kia Ora whanau

At present we have 21 ukuleles at Vogeltown School. There are 35 Senior children that would like to join our ukulele club for 2019. If you have a spare uke or 2 lying around at home, that you haven’t used for a while, maybe you could donate it to our school. It would be very much appreciated.


Mr G


TERM CALENDAR – Put all these dates in your diary or your phone!
Remember to check the school calendar on our website. We will put all updates on facebook &

the website. Link to school calendar: http://www.vogeltown.school.nz/calendar/


19 June - Wig Wednesday and PJ day. Wear a wig and your PJ's to school. $1 donation to child cancer

25 June - Home and School meeting 7pm

26 June - Starting School the VS way (5-6pm)

28 June - Four Year Old Friday (9-11am)

28 June - Vogeltowner Assembly 2pm


1 July - Vogeltown Birthday!

1 July - Mid-winter swim 2pm

5 July - Last day of Term 2 2019.

24 July - First day of Term 3


1) If your child is sick, please phone or call the office to let us know. You can even use our school app!

2) School starts at 9am, please make sure your child is at school before 9am, thanks

Big picture

Thanks whanau

Have a great weekend whanau! If you are playing winter sports, then play hard and show them how Vogeltowners play!

Remember if you have any issues you wish to discuss, please come in and see me or contact me on principal@vogeltown.school.nz

On behalf of the Vogeltown team,

Ka kite ano

Jeremy Ogle - Principal