By Nitya, Jahnavi, and Myah


Oedipus ruled the city of Thebes, and was informed that someone was polluting the city. Throughout the search Tiresias, the prophet of Apollo, approaches him and tells Oedipus about his past. Tiresias claims that Oedipus was the pollutant of the city, then Oedipus recalls his past and he admits he killed his dad, Lauis. Oedipus's mom/wife Jocasta kills herself and Oedipus pierces his eyes unable to bear the truth.

Important Events

- Oedipus is informed about the pollutant in the city.

- Oedipus warns the city about the consecuences and rewards.

- Tiresias claims Oedipus is the pollutant himself.

- Oedipus denies the claim but eventually recalls his past and admits he killed Laius.

- Jocasta hangs herself unable to bear the truth.

- Oedipus pierces himself in the eyes with brotches from Jocasta's dress.

- While he is blind, he asks Creon to take care of his daughters for him.

- Later Oedipus is sent away to the mountain he was born.

Thematic Statement

Oedipus's pride blinds him from the reality of his past actions which lead him to suffer as a result of his own actions.

Direct Citation

"I would lie w/ my mother I bring forth children the world would hate to look at, and that I would be the murder of the father who sired me." (Oedipus 99)

Modern Day Connection

The ruler of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, resembles a modern day Oedipus. He is like a pollutant to his country with his pride. His pride is taking over the country. He overuses his power just like Oedipus. They both made people suffer around them with their excessive power.